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Mountblade Warband:Warcraft III develop first weekend

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1.this weekend i mainly deal the animation for player‘s controlled role.

i designed that:human/orc/undead/nightelf each has 3 role for player to use warcraft settings and animation with skills.each culture should has 1 hero+2 simple unit for player.and future extra role will provide alternative file to get extra role control.and will design different story for every role player peform.

human: bloodelf /footman/spellthief




2.all the vehicle and fly units' animation has redone into mod.

every faction has one kind vehicle such as human has wargon

every faction has one kind fly unit such as orc has wyrmrider

if you want warcraft in mountblade become true ,pls support me,no many ,i just want your comments.

Why all you say nothing and no comment?Don;t you want to see two great games combined.

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this is the main plan.

This mod originly call [LOL]Warcraft vs red alert,and contains many theme gameplays end at version 1.900,but now i will do only one theme just Warcraft. Use all Technology to make warband greater than bannerlord.
notes that Warcraft vs red alert version1.900 is not the Warcraft mod new start. the Warcraft first version will take a long time not like the old one to provide demo download.

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