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We've not been vocal of late, but we've not been idle either!

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It has been far too long since our last news post, and while we have been quiet we have still been active, even if real life has been hectic for each and every one of the mod team!


Finalisation of ship balancing mechanics and era specific variables

We have been tweaking with our balancing sheet since the inception of the mod, but with the introduction of the TMP era ships we have been able to bring in and finalise our balancing mechanic. I works brilliantly :)


Bloom and AA via DLL injection activated via the new launcher

Star Trek: Continuum with Shader 2.0

Star Trek: Continuum with Shader 2.0 + Bloom + AA


Sound tracks

There is now era-specific and race-specific sound tracks in mod, they are changed over when you go into a combat situation as well, for those of you who have been with the Star Trek gaming community for a while you may find a few familiar tunes in there :)


Other, unfinished features

While we have a pretty fill ship list for TMP there are still stations and utility craft that need sourcing (not many of these meshes are pre-existing), there has been a major overhaul with our codebase to improve its usability and to create the groundwork for scripts like a repair ship with auto-deploying bees that can repair your fleet on the fly and perhaps something else more audacious as well :)

Now lets not forget too that it's MOTY time, lets get clicking! :D

880Zero - - 2,557 comments

Glad to see you guys are still alive and prettying up HW2. Is there by any chance you'll be making your bloom and AA additions available to the rest of the HW2 community? ;)

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Zeelich - - 87 comments

OMFG! Bloom? That's pretty sweet.

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myfist0 - - 567 comments

0^o fascinating

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Temeter - - 135 comments

And i can assure you, it looks even better ingame. I'm actually not really a fan of bloom, but it adds quite a bit to the visuals.

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gthompson - - 44 comments

will you have the Reliant. Enterprise-A, Ambassador, Excelsior, etc? I'm presuming you guys are still working on this, even if R/L is slowing the pace of development down.

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