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Summing up what happened and whats going to happen to the game.

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Seeing the comments has made me particular torn in this decision to keep at it or leave it so I've decided to wait until the end of September to decide, I know its a while away yet but there is the possibility I may be in an apprenticeship by then.
I apologize for doing this but its the only way I can get to a fair conclusion, With an apprenticeship possibly on its way I wouldn't want to tell you guys that I'm all for starting again and then end up saying "Sorry no time" again, That'd just suck. So I'm afraid its the waiting game.
I'll make my next update here on the 1st of October, See you all then and again sorry for delaying the decision.

Hello everyone, my utmost apologies to all of you for letting this lay dormant for more then a year but now I suppose I should explain what happened and what will happen with the game.

Simply put, I began college and lost the time I had previously used on the game to it as well I'd assume you all understand which was of more importance. When I lost time for the game me and the other devs lost a lot of contact and most (to which I do not blame them) moved on or from what I can see left the site, meaning no content and almost no devs leading to me having nothing to report on apart from a my own attempts at mapping UDK (which were relatively successful) even so much as a while after my very last update I was creating a map for a small teaser trailer that I was personally going to make using the model of the tripod we had so far and the map I'd built.

I'd wanted to come back with a bang after a few months without an update but never got enough time to finish the maps and they're lost to me now which is indeed a shame so my hopes officially died in early 2011 as well as contact with the other devs.

HOWEVER, I would like to say that I still have some pictures of the level so here is the long awaited un/official update:

I'm really sorry that it isn't much and I had a more finished version as well which is now lost but this was it really.

Now onto what will happen with the game, as for me I've finished college now and am looking for work and apprenticeships, I currently have some free time and that could be spent on working on the game depending on if there is any interest with this anymore seeing as we have some major competition with the new WotW game thats coming out I'll leave ya a link if you've not heard of it:

I'm not really sure whether or not to come back to this or not, If I am I would need to find all new people as well as asking the previous devs, I'm also willing to hand the game over to someone who is better at being a project manager if I really don't come back that is or if I decide to chose a different role in the games development.

I would like to know (if possible) what people think, so if you do wish to see the game come back I'd like to know! Support even in its most simplistic form is always a moral boost.
So there we have it, thats all for the moment I suppose and we'll see how this situation develops.

Oh! and I'd like to thank the following for there efforts on the game previously:

  • MrCupCake
  • Salsa_Shark
  • Alexjb666ariehl
  • Rogue74
  • BigPickle
  • EasyTigers

And last but not least everybody who subscribed and followed the game!

No matter the amount of their efforts I thank all of you for trying to help me share this idea with the community of Moddb and wish you the best in future endeavors.
- Marc1k1

TehPlazmon - - 276 comments or this game...quit college and make the game! :D

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Metal_Invader - - 809 comments

Damn, I was so sure that the project died, that I stopped watching it...

Tracking again :)

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Tatsur0 - - 1,068 comments

Honestly the lack of enthusiasm and motivation in your voice has me wanting to recommend against pursuing this. While it is your fanbase that helps fuel you it's up to you to have the drive and you don't sound as if that's the case. This is just my personal opinion but better than getting people excited and dropping the project later when there are hiccups (as there always are). If however you do continue I hope I'm wrong and wish you guys the best of luck.

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Indeed, I have lost a lot of my previous motivation towards the project and this is why I suggest handing it to somebody who is more willing.

I suppose I will come to a verdict soon.

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PredatorFett - - 10 comments

You think you have "major competition" from a 2D side scroller with the same title as your project? That's absurd, and much to disingenuous for my taste.

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

ah my bad, All I meant to imply is that people would rather wait for a game with a definite release date and a real company behind :S

I see your point however.

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u-raptor - - 542 comments

Start the game!!!!!!

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GriffinZ - - 4,719 comments

Come on thunderchild!

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ariehl - - 23 comments

I'm definitely still interested in helping out if we move forward...

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments


Its very difficult to decide, on one side of it my motivation is lacking from before but Its fantastic to see support and a dev willing to back :)

(Hi btw ariehl ^_^)

I will update the new's with what I'm going to do.

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Cryptdidical - - 443 comments

Please work on it! You'd be doing great justice to the War of the Worlds story...
Noone ever used War of the Worlds as a mod idea before and have gotton this far!

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Marc1k1 Author
Marc1k1 - - 216 comments

Thanks ^.^' but again, I've left it down to whether I get this apprenticeship or not.

Sorry :S

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