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A quick overview of mod status. Modelling, scripting and news.

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Hi to all people. I'm glad to show today an overall progress data and mod status until this day.

Modelling and 3D meshes: 95% done. That 5% means that some models needs fixes or needs an update.

All meshes for units, vehicles, weapons, environments, places, buildings and others props was created from scratch. There is not RIPped models in this mod or downloaded content.

Scripting and Gamemodes:
Conquest, CTF, 1flag, DeathMatch, Hunt, Objective, Campaign, Race, VehCTF are 100% done.

Run/r 70%, Wave 30%, Survival, 30%, VehTDM, 20%, TeamDeathMatch 10%

Sides: 90% done, the rest 10% is for HUD icons fixes and some weapons improvements.

Particle Effects: 100% done

Sounds and Music: 30% done

Multiplayer Testing: I' ve done some tests with another pc and lan network. Scripts crash the game on the host computer. So, maybe this mod can not be played on multiplayer mode. But all is not bad, 'm thinking add a new era for some gamemodes in multiplayer. but some weapons from the sinlge mode can't work, and i need test if the light ribbon of some vehicles can work on that mode, due that is 100% scripted.

Some ideas that i'm working now: Did you remember TRON 2.0 game?... well, in that game the lightcycle battles are a half step between old tron movie and legacy, but it have something that I like: you can move your lightcycle only in 90º degrees and you can not stop it until you win or death. Another interesting thing for me is the camera, you can move the camera almost in all directions, always looking your lightcycle. So I found a way to get the same style of game but it needs a bit of work.

Another idea is the Battle of tanks gamemode, a sort of 2d game allways looking from top view. When I get these ideas working i will post pics and videos.

Many thanks for reading.


Great hearing from you! As for the game TRON 2.0, sorry but I've never played it. Any TRON fan games that I've ever played is Armagetron (if you know the game). The game itself only takes the lightcycle part of the movie though. I have a question btw. Will the mod require the user to have the unofficial 1.3 patch in order for the mod to run?

Thanks and good luck!

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ForceMaster14 Author

Yes, you need the 1.3 patch to run this mod. It have some game modes that is only supported with the 1.3 patch. Thanks!

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Marth8880 SubscriberOnline

Let me know if you ever need help with anything related to scripting or sound! :)

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