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Here is a small dialog from the beginning of the game. That is how the story of Mortificatio starts.

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You wake up in a dark dungeon. Your soul is filled with a fear. You can feel His presence.

Emptiness: Here you are. Another victim that was brave and negligent enough to approach an abyss.
Me: I only just want to go back.
Emptiness: You are treading a one-way path. Still it doesn't mean you've got no choice.
You’re looking around for my face, but I don't have one. I am nothing. I have so many names... Darkness, God… Or Death.
Emptiness: I know too well how soon your feelings will change. Fear becomes despair, and then you're doomed before you even know... At the end comes humbleness. How lame, how dull.
But me — I can bring you hope. Only one soul has found an exit from my dark mazes. If you say the name... I'll let you go.

That is how Mortificatio begins. Will you find the answer of the Darkness? The end of this story is up to you.

Mortificatio is now available on Steam:


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