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Yet more changes to the mod page. New files, fixes etc.

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Reuploaded Light tank file after feedback. The file now contains the Allied logo. It also contains the Predator tread files, but they are in the wrong folder! (they are in the 'au' art folder, rather than there own 'gu' folder).

Added the Renegade Westwood Mammoth tank, converted for use in C&C3.
This file contains textures for both GDI and Soviet variants. Both variants share various files between each other, they are both nearly identical except for their textures and teams.
If you want there to be differences between them then you'll have to code them in yourselves! (for example weapons, voice, upgrades).

I also included some particle modifications (truthfully? because it would have been more work to take them out of the code), see if these are any use, sadly there are no comments on them, nor can I remember what each particle does!

If you want to try out a Mix mod, I recommend the Best of Both worlds - Release 3

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