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Just a little update about a rather important thing :)

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Hello all again,

Sorry about not much going up but ive got me another project to work on, a car :P. I may even put a pic up hehe :p. But back to mod news.


I've finally tweaked the accuracy settings and after much random figure coding, i have raiders with missiles that will only hit Capital ships and somehow some missiles will be shot down but Battlestars flak guns and Vipers KEW's. Although I was intending on this i did not anticipate it to occur at random :/. Either way the results are now that Battlestars can shoot missiles down, now i just need to figure how I did it and I can tweak how many missiles are shot down.


I've decided to give the standard Raptor a defense only device. You all know the special anti-missile laser off the Crusader. Well the Raptor has an adapted version of that. This shoots down more missiles but in a smaller raidius. So if placed in a viper group it can keep Basestars missiles a little pre-occupied. Also i should have a battle-raptor ingame soon.

Apart from that nothing majorly new. Balancing is moving on and i will hopefully make a new video soon.



awesome. keep up the great work!

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