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Big things are on the horizon for the mission template and in the way of some of the missions I have put together with the template.

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I have made major changes to the template since the last release. I unfortunately have not been able to test coop play due to lack of a testing partner, so I can't really say wether it's working or not, but that aside, the new template is epic.

As I was creating missions, I often found myself wanting more zones to incorporate into the battle, so I doubled the number of available zones to 14. With all of those capture points you can create some very diverse missions featuring cappable approaches coupled with tightly organized combat in a more urban setting.

Another huge development for OFDR itself is the recent release by TemplarGFX of Ultimate AI 2011. With the changes Templar has made to the behavior of the AI, the battles have become more intense than ever and the use of tactics is an absolute must. The AI in the game are getting so human it's scary!!

Since Ultimate AI 2011 requires the use of OFDR v1.0, which won't allow the use of the colored smoke at the cp's, I have incorporated a switch in the configurations that defaults the ingame visual indicators for cp's to a flame. With this, the player will still know where the cp's are in v1.0. This also cleans up the overall appearance of the game giving it a much more real feel. The switch in the config file allows you to pick between the colored smoke indicators, a flame indicator(default) or no indicator at all. Once again, the choice is yours!

I've also expanded on the secondary objectives by adding intel objectives and combined the sam and radar objective into one. When you complete the anti air objective, you will enable your close air support so you can rain down missiles on PLA targets. There are now 2 mortar locations to eliminate which, when destroyed, will disable the PLA's ability to drop mortars on US forces.

I'm currently in the process of updating some of the missions from the original Operation Battlefield release and adding a few new ones for you to sink your teeth into.

Some of you may be waiting for the expanded documentation to be completed. Unfortunately I've been so busy making changes to the template and creating missions with it that I've had no time to work on it any further than the readme I made for the v1.01 template. As soon as I'm 100% satisfied with the code, I will concentrate on the documentation. If you are having trouble and need some help, feel free to ask me here or on the OFDR forums. I'd be happy to help you out;)

Well I hope you are all having fun with Operation Battlefield so far. You will not be let down by v1.02!!

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