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Progress report and stuff (Including a secret image, guess what it is).

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  • Panels can now lift 128 units, in 3ds max.
  • Panels are now fucked up in-game and in Hammer when they try to get up to 128 units. (Something wrong about using constraints and compile to .mdl)
  • Aerial faithplates are now very precise.
  • Removed the secret cake on the roof.
  • Both portals now has blue particle effects
  • developer game menu is now created to make the work easier
  • I figured out that the intro map required some more work.

Here's a hint:



Well, I know what it is... But I suggested you posted it too ^_^

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"Panels are now ****** up" - Now thats technical!!

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Removed secret cake on the roof? That sure was secret!

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