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Celebrities, famous places and no multiplayer.

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More information about AC - Syndicate

Celebrities, famous places and no multiplayer

It has been previously announced that the next chapter in the series will take place in London during the Industrial Revolution. Snippet of information has been leaked out and though one might be a little bored after a while, so there will probably a little hype this year and.

People and character:

Clearly inspired by GTA V will now be able to control throughout the game twins Jacob and Eyie Frye. London is taken over by Templars Rene and you are the last hope for assassination clean. From small town Crowley southern England travels you to London to help the city to its former glory.

The two twins to represent two different styles of play. Jacob is a hasty strong man who is especially useful in close combat and physical tasks, while her sister Eyie is smart and very acrobatic. It is promised that the game should be structured so that it finens two paths to each goal and mission. In other words, Jacob's combat and Eyie for stealth.

Jacob will have many weapons, including a revolver and Nepalese knives while Eyie their weapons will include sleep arrows and the ability to create traps. Famous personalities revealed so far is the author Charles Dickens and (at the time) controversial scientist Charles Darwin. Based on what we know about the story so too will a person called Roderick Bulmer be involved.


The whole game will take place in London. The city will be 30% larger than Paris in Unity and be divided into six neighborhoods. Westminster, the Strand, the City of London, Whitechapel, Southwark and Lambeth. Most probably we will see some sort of strategic war because we all want to gain control over their own gang called "The Rooks."

London is the midst of its industrial revolution and it will be felt. In pure Grand Theft Auto style will control horses and carts through the city. Pedestrians are referred to the sidewalk and some QTE events will take place on top of a galloping carriage. Train and airships shall be part of the cityscape, but uncertain whether they can be used outside the mission.

Other information:

Unlike other games should history only take place through a year, meaning that there will be no major change in history and geography. In addition, Ubisoft removed multiplayer portion.

rkraptor70 - - 4,975 comments

So basically GTA gone retro?


I don't mind as long as there are some INSANE cheatcodes.

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