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We continue to introduce enemies from our upcoming project.

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Grenadier ants

Large grubs also appear later as grenadiers, allowing them to throw grenades and wield heavy swords. If the enemy is not of impressive size and massive build, the grenadier can cut him in half. Unlike ordinary soldiers, grenadiers take combat courses, where they are trained in swordsmanship and the effective handling of grenades.

Unlike the hussars, who do not aspire to anything, whose meaning of life is war as such, the grenadiers are ambitious and dream of conquering the whole of Wonderland.

Grenadiers are larger than regular fighters, equipped with rapiers and an endless supply of grenades. If the enemy gets too close, it can bite painfully. Their uniform is green.



Cuirassier Ants

Not everyone in the anthill is a hard worker. There is a special cohort of hereditary warriors who can be called an aristocracy. These formidable creatures occupy the highest position in the ant society. They grow to staggering sizes, they can tear ants to shreds, but this is not necessary: ​​cuirassiers are unusually charismatic, this effective weapon inclines short-sighted brethren to their side, those who resist are eliminated quietly and without harm to the population, because Cromwells are born not every year, and the ants have enough females to produce cannon fodder again and again. Cuirassiers study at prestigious academies, where they master military science, oratory and philosophy.

Cuirassiers are given sharp cuirasses and impressive swords, as well as a bag of grenades. Unlike grenadiers, these indomitable sophists throw grenades not one at a time, but in batches. Cuirassiers are so strong that they are admired by the whole anthill, even the most callous and envious are in awe of their valor and skill.

Armed with sabers and grenades, they wear ruby ​​uniforms and silvered breastplates. Cuirassier strikes are devastating, in addition, they scatter handfuls of grenades, which makes the position of the enemy more difficult. Cuirassiers are the elite of the ant army.



llustration - by Andrey Kucher
Text editor - Vasilisa Mayorova

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