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As you can see, the newest one is the Megaton nuke. I have some ideas about it, like give it to the nuke general at the end, or as an ICBM tech silo...

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... will see how will fit in to the game, as for sure I'm quite happy with this effect, especially it my first detailed nuke effect for generals and made it in like a day. Will get some more polishing up so wont be like the flash slices the map in half, the rest just need some optimization, as 1 nuke is fine, 2 nuke still okie, 3rd one starts to fall apart due particle limitation and this is on a high end PC, i can image its melt a VGA on an older config.

On modeling end i back to business with two day off from work can do some work, not just for this mod but for the Forces Unknown mod ( ) trying to help out with all my knowledge, but i guess it will be mainly coding based and raw models ( i need more modeling experience, and as well some help too so i can make excellent and glitch free models easily ) And maybe you'll see some of my effects appear in this mod in the future.

As for my maioject, Battlefield 2142 Revenge of the Fallen ( ) works getting more intensive, so if one of our fans reading this, well all i can say, they can expect some goodies soon to brake our silence, from my side with some more FX. ;)

Ice4smaster over n out



-Texture artist ( Despertly needed )
-Model Expert ( some help with modelling would be nice )

Prokhor_Zakharov - - 355 comments

:D cant wait! just make dreadnaut more powerful.

btw sorry cant help with anything :(

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Ice4smaster Author
Ice4smaster - - 213 comments

Trust me its powerfull enought right now too, visual candy upgrades though will be applied on it ;) still i'd say a year to get the whole mod out, but hopefully all will be done ^^

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