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a description of mordors second age subfraction that will derive from the normal fraction

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In 2nd age maps mordor will be in their second age form.

These are the second age maps.

.Minas ithil
.minas arnor
. amon sul

They will have 3 heroes

Sauron= with the ring already.Heres his skillset
Level 1=leadership bonus
level 3= summons 5 mordor uruk battalions
level 5=heavy strike
level 7=summons elite black numoreans
level 10=forms to annatar

annatar has his shadow of mordor apperance
level 1=forms to sauron
level 3=forges a ring of power
level 5= turns the alliegance of enemy units
level 7=disguises as an enemy unit
level 10=if he dies his spirit escapes and if he returns to the citadel he is resurrected

Ar Pharzon=mid game hero.Heres his skillset.
level 1=unlocks black numoreans
level 3=leadership bonus
level 5=gains armour and sword
level 7=summons 5 elite black numoreans
level 10=summons a great army of elite black numoreans

Lord of Nazgul=Mainly human but part nazgul.Heres his Skillset
level 1=leadership bonus
level 3=summons his elite guard
level 5=finaly enters the shadow world invisible to all but heroes

Here are mordors building in the citadel
orc barracks=trains orc infantry
abyss=trains trolls and riderless fell beasts
tribute camp=prdoduces resources and trains haradruim and easterlings
uruk barracks=trains mordor uruks

On the outposts they can build these bildings beside their normal outpost Black numorean str black numorean units but ar pharzon must be built first Orc Str elite orc infantry

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