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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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We have an exciting announcement for you this update! We have decided on a release date for the next version of TOR, and it’s this month! The 11th of November to be precise, so keep an eye out for when it drops and as always, we are eager to hear all your feedback!

With that being said let’s get into some of what we have in store for you guys this update, the map and the Empire continues to expand with two new provinces. Reikland and Talabecland will now be on the map, with custom clans etc. The very seat of the Emperor included!


We also have plenty for you guys to discover yourself while exploring the new update!

The Elector counts can finally be summoned, well. Half of them at least, as we have Karl Franz in-game with his regal black armour.

Karl Franz

The Vampire Counts also have their armour roster expanded with the Elite armours of the Hell Knights and

MerlinRender 2022 09 DrakenhofTe

hell knight

While the facial hair in-game is decent, it’s not quite imparting that Empire feel! We have added a range of beards and hairstyles to add some thematic diversity, and quality, to the Old Realms. From Bright Wizards to Female Vampires, this is just the start!

bright wizard beards

empire beards

female bright wizard hairs

male bright wizard hairs

female vampire hair

And lastly from 3D we have some decorative Gargoyles to populate our custom-made maps and locations, bringing home that spooky-Sylvania feel!

vc gargoyles

A range of new concepts are being worked on by 2D, this month we have a look at what further variation to the Knights of the Blazing Sun will look like!

kobs KOBS

The coding team brought TOR up to date with Bannerlord’s release version and is ironing out any last kinks before release, while still having a few secrets for you guys to find for yourself on release day .

From Sound, we have some nice little sneak peaks into some of the Vampire greetings, as we start to look into bringing more voice-ed interactions into TOR.

The Loregoblins continue their work making sure the world is as lore accurate as possible, with fleshed out descriptions and clans for each faction and their locations. We are always open to feedback so please do not hesitate!

As ever we are still looking for anyone interested in helping out with the Mod, if you think you’d be interested or have any skills you want to work on through our mod please head on over to our applications channel on the discord!

Guest - - 693,425 comments

Was super excited for this month's monthly devblog with Bannerlord being fully release and looks like the wait was fully worth it!

A release date for 0.3 and so many other new things!

Honestly, i think the extra haircuts and facial hair options is probably my favourite part

Bannerlord felt really bad in that regard so these are most welcome

But uhm, will Karl Franz's helmet get some Laurel Wreath or a plume like in Total War? Too be honest, it looks somewhat off to me right now

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RagnarHrodgarson - - 68 comments

the Armor in TW:WH is not the same Armor he have give him the for him made fitting Armor of Magnus that he also wears lorewise ^^

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7ty7 - - 786 comments

I love WHTW, but this mod is correct in it's depiction of Karl Franz's armor. As to the wreath in the helmet, I've seen both with and without in army book art. I like the wreath too but it's up to preference!

Also, great update

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mikeboix - - 654 comments

Amazing as always!

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MR_KIT - - 2 comments

Will your modification be added to the steam workshop?

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Guest - - 693,425 comments

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Guest - - 693,425 comments

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