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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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For any who missed it! We released our latest version this month! So we’ll keep this update short and sweet so you can head straight for that download button.
Our Guns of Nuln update has a whole suite of new features and bugfixes, adding things like Regiments of Renown, artillery in battle and a more stable experience. The changelog is a little long but if you’re interested just take a look at the download or on our discord, in the Installation-instructions channel.
A massive thank you to everyone for patiently waiting as we worked to bring out this version, we are truly excited to hear your feedback and thoughts on our latest additions and we look forward to bringing even more of the Warhammer world to Bannerlord!
At the very end of this update, we have some fantastic screenshots from our community of the new release.

What’s next for TOR?
The Old World is a big place, and while we do plan to get through all of it eventually! However, we are still hampered by the lack of custom skeletons and so most fantasy factions at the moment are still a while off.
With that in mind we are looking to continue our expansion into the Empire! As we go, we’ll take a look at see what other interesting avenues may open up for the campaign map as we go. We are also planning to trial a different update format in the future, releasing smaller content packages as we go, depending on how favourably it is received we may continue to do so! While they may not be content heavy, they will have a range of additions and expansions worthy of a small update.
We look forward to showcasing more of our work in the future, with that said let’s get into this month’s update!

For those who may have missed it, our latest update adds the monstrous Beastmen to the campaign! Be ready to face them as they wield these deadly new additions to their arsenal.

ungor spears

ungor swords

Amongst the many new places to explore, we have this fantastic new Village scene in Sylvania to showcase.

vampire count village picture 00 1

vampire count village picture 00


With a whole range of new spell additions for this update, we also needed plenty of new icons to accompany them. From fire magic to death magic, the 2D team has worked to bring home the feel of each spell individually.

Dark Spell Icon

Flame Celestial Spell Icon

Light Spell Icon

Necro Spell Icon

Our coding team has done incredible work getting this update functional and has worked on creating the core additions at the heart of the Guns of Nuln, adding over 24+ new spells, working battle cannons and so much more!

The focus of lore for this update was redesigning the clans for reach faction to have more coherent themes, as well as filling out loreful and interesting descriptions for locations and characters across the Old World!
As promised, we have some fantastic screenshots to share! If you want to have your screenshots posted across our social media, or just want to share them with the community. Head on over to our Screenshots channel on the discord and show people the awesome moments you’ve had within our mod!


unknown 1

unknown 3 1


unknown 4

We are still looking for Sound Engineers/Artists, 3D artists, Sceners and C# Coders. If you are interested in any of these roles, or any of the others, feel free to head over to our #applications channel on the discord! Everyone is completely welcome.

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