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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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It is monthly update time and we have some new additions to show off to you, and all the more too look forward to in our future update!
Start with the latest from our 3D team we have armour for the generals of the

render EmpireLordArmors

The Reiksguard are being kitted out further with shields and swords, adding to the myriad of variations within the Empire.

reiksguard shield 001

reiksguard shield 002

reiksguard shield 003

reiksguard sword 001

reiksguard sword 002

reiksguard sword 003

As for the Vampire Counts, they finally have a throne fit for rulers of the night.

Vampire throne valor3f7

As for the chaos knights, they have a brand new lance, perfect for making empire shish kebab

chaos knight lance

From our Environment team we have a brand-new Vampire Keep scene, making the world even more immersive as you raise your armies from the dead.

Amdok vampire keep 1

amdok vampire keep 2

From our 2D team we have a whole range of new and exciting works to show, ranging from a look into the armours of the Stir River Patrol,

Empire RoR Stir river Guardsman

Empire RoR Stir river Nimrod

Empire RoR Stir river patrolman

Empire RoR Stir river scout

To the deadly and fearsome Necrarchs.

Necrarch Base Body

Vampire ROR Necrarch   Apprentic

Vampire ROR Necrarch   Master Ne

Vampire ROR Necrarch   Necrarch

The Countess of Nuln herself in all her regal attire, as well as a look into what Imperial merchants may look like,


trader concept art

We also have a new art screens for interactions on the world map

Friendly Army Vampire Counts   C

Lastly, an exciting look at our icon adjustments for our mod. These will be used to replace the skills, such as Athletics, Strength etc and more!

Roguery Icon

Leadership Icon  Publicable

Bow Skill Final

Athletics Icon   Publicable

Crossbow Skill Final

One Handed Skill

Polearm Skill final 1

Riding Icon Def   2

Scouting Icon

Smithing Icon

Tactics Icon

Trading Icon

Two Handed Skill   Def 2

The Loremasters continue their diligent work building the faction clans, reading deep into the lore and spellchecking everything in sight. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions!


Loving those weapons and shields for the Reiksguard!
Especially those unique blade-guards looks incredible!

But i wonder if new armour is planned too in the future since i think the current pieces are from the swadian armory mod?

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yeah new Armor for Reiksguard is planned ^^

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As i asked before, can you tell us pls if the company have, finally, provided the necessary modding tools for the community to use or there is still more to come?

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when will you release new update for 1.80

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Not any time soon, 1.8.0 is a beta branch, the mod would crash every update

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Those armors, ok, they are SICK!!!! Weapons-shields too! Also, its great to see High ranked offiders with proper sets cause many times in games we do not see that, for some weird reason!
One question: Do you have all the required modding tools from company or there is still more to have?

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I'm going to be brutally honest but honestly the entire Empire art direction for this mod is awful. The armors are extremely crude looking in-game, and the concept art is often not much better. This is vastly different with the Vampire gear, which is almost identically modeled to artwork and tabletop, while the Empire/Tileans look nothing like either TT, artwork, or even real life armors, they're just obscenely crude with armors that wouldn't even work, no shaping whatsoever, and look worse than armors from Mount and Blade Warband mods. And it just being 'fantasy' isn't a justification for poor design, Warhammer has always paid close heed to historical styles for the armor of the humans, and especially with the quality of the Vampire Counts, the dichotomy in execution is jarring.

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we are still in a very very very early stage so a lot of things will be reworked for example most of the High Tier Units in the Empire have at the Moment Placeholder Gear, also when the Style don't fit a concept from GW or the Table Top figures then it doesn't matter and also don't interest us because we go after lore descriptions and what our Loremaster provide as reference and the 2D Teams does as concepts out of it, so maybe it will not fit always the Stuff that is already out there but it will still be fitting the lore, ^^ for the Historical Accuracy of Armor, yes GW has take a lot of examples on our History but not all Lore descriptions are as the figures or other concepts are, and in a World where other Races are in there things can change fast, also our Team consist out of some people that have a lot of experience and also people that don't have that, and not everyone knows how to built a Armor or can work with the proportions so it can happen that there will be Stuff that looks a bit off, but this is also not a Triple A Game we are making a Mod and doing it in our Free Time for free so some will maybe also not put out the quality that they maybe would do payed and some also are still learning and will do it better in the future ^^

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This mod is on a whole other level

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Amazing, this is gonna be the best that Bannerlord can offer.

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I have two very important questions.
1.Will the Necrarch ***** be circumcised?
2.Will they haves physics applied to them?

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1.7.2 pleaseee

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RoyRob Author

we are waiting for 1.8.0 to come out of the beta ;)

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