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The Old Realms is a fan made mod project for the game Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. This project is 100% unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop. We do not accept donations nor do we receive any money from this project.

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Before we start with our monthly update the team wanted to say that we hope and wish that our Ukrainian players are as safe as they can be. We cannot begin to understand how difficult a time this must be and we are truly sorry, our hearts go out to each and every one of you.

This monthly update we will continue to showcase our progress towards the upcoming update and we have some really exciting new changes to the magic and damage systems, as well as a peek at some upcoming changes.


Starting with 3D work we have some new additions to the Imperial arsenal as well as a rather gruesome look at a great steed of the undead! These new additions will be available to the player of course and may even have quest variants.

zombie horse

empire cannon crew uniform

empire big muskets

empire grenades

Alongside our wonderful new undead steeds we are happy to showcase the human variants, our very first look at the charming zombies that will inhabit the Old World!


The Vampire Counts will also be marching into battle with a brand new battle banner, as well as a number of fresh scenery assets to (un)liven up our Sylvanian scenes

vc banner

stone gargoyle

stone crypts

Lastly, and a rather gruesome sight to behold, we have the lego-set pieces for the future changes to our dismemberment system! You can’t have cannons without viscera… grimdark yay.

exploded body parts


From our environment team we have two more town maps the the player to explore and interact with, further populating the map with our own custom locations and transforming the world.

Empire Village Pouyito 1

Empire Village Pouyito 2

empire map Amdok 2

Empire map amdok

empire map Amdok 3

On top of this we also have a new custom location, a Library, that will be found in locations across the Old World and will be a key scene for various interactions for the player, such as learning magic.

Library Le Profyteur 1

Library Le Profyteur 2

Also with the looming threat of the greatest enemy in the Old World, it’s hard not to have a truly scenic chaos map, fight across it at your own peril.

chaos portal map Le Profyteur

Finally we have a look at some of our smaller scenes, that we aim to use for quests, small battles and more!

ruined tower Le Profyteur 1

ruined tower Le Profyteur 2

graveyard Le Profyteur 1

graveyard Le Profyteur 2


We also have a wonderful new loading screen with the most magnificent Balthasar Gelt!

loading screen Balthasar Gelt Al


Damage System:

Our coding team has spent a few months working and expanding upon a number of systems to enhance the gameplay experience, starting with additions to the damage system.

Players will have access to different damage types within the game; amplify their damage or increase their resistances against damage types. These new damage types will also affect the NPC’s during battles, making them more dynamic.

The current damage types that the player will come across: Physical, Magical, Fire, Holy, and Lightning.

These damage types can be found on weapons players can find or purchase, on combat spells and through buffs or debuffs. The potential for application elsewhere could allow us to even have regiments of renown with their own damage types, fitting with lore.

Certain pieces of equipment will enhance your damage or boost your survivability, for example the Bright Wizards cape below:

Screenshot 185

Pictured below is a Bright Wizard wearing the equipment, amplifying his damage by around 140% which means that when a Wizard wears the right equipment his power can grow immensely.

These new additions were made by our coders Hunharibo and Z3rca over the last few months.

Magic Additions:

We also have some exciting new additions to magic and magic progression for players, startin with the addition of a totally custom Ui (a spellbook) and a custom NPC the player must interact with to learn new spells.

Below is an image of the new custom Magister NPC that can be found in keeps across the Old World, they come in two variants: Normal Magisters and Dark magisters (in sylvania).

Screenshot 181

Speaking to the magisters will present the player with a number of options, to learn new spells and to receive quests for example. Or if the player doesn’t start with magic, there is also now an option to take a test (with a 30% chance of success) to see if the player can then access magic.

The new Ui the player interacts with, the spellbook, is how you’ll primarily track and learn new spells.


Furthermore we have some QoL additions and some visual changes, a new symbol and ui for Winds of Magic on the campaign map and within battles.

unknown 3

unknown 2

As well as a new idle animation so it’s now fully visual when the player is in the ‘magic casting stance’.

unknown 1

Alongside these changes there have also been some functional changes to how magic is used, the Winds of Magic pool for the player now has a cap and only regenerates on the campaign map. The player can also extend their Winds of Magic cap (mana cap) by levelling up and putting points into their Intelligence stat.

Players will also have the option to specialise into a lore or magic once they grow in power, such as the Lore of Fire, Lore of Heavens or Necromancy. These will lock out other lores for the player so the decision should represent a major decision during a magic focused playthrough.

To offset this, weaker spells cost less and cooldowns will be adjusted. We are also adding a number of new spells for future updates and we look forward to showcasing them in the future.

We have our head of coding Hunharibo to thank for all of these fantastically immersive additions to our magic system and the concepts behind having a interactable Ui system.


The lore team wants to put out a massive thank you to everyone who submitted companions and we will be reviewing them and announcing the winners as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for that.

The lore team is currently working on polishing the clans for all factions, strengthening the Vampire clans as well to try and help with balancing. These updates should better present the lore of the Old World and will be noticeably different from before.

Lore has also started working on troop trees for regiments of renown that will eventually be recruitable from their appropriate locations across the current map.

Lastly there have been rumours that there have been some new cultist sightings across the Empire...

Interested in joining the team?

We are still looking for Sound Engineers/Artists, 3D artists, Sceners and C# Coders. If you are interested in any of these roles, or any of the others, feel free to head over to our applications channel on the discord:

Everyone is completely welcome!

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That's a great dev-blog dear friends.. Good work all of you.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Looks Great!

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retyan - - 73 comments

It is truly unbelievable.
You guys are awesome.

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Possibly the most professional modding team i've ever seen, good job!

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King_Athelstan - - 26 comments

Thank you! We do out best ;)

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