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This should set up some things right out there for the moment as there are no real things to show at the moment.

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Right then, many of you have began to think this mod will include the Catachan or even the Death Korps of Krieg of the races. This is not likely for now. The BIA mod will only focus on five current races, which will be posted at the bottom soon. Other factions may be done later, after we finish what we have begun.

The Tallarn: These Guardsmen will be your main faction for deadly hit-and-run tactics. Unlike the rest, they are agile and have their own use of armour. Although they are troops used to light attacks, they do have their own doctrine to allow them heavier fire-power. Using them wisely in your tactics will win the battle into your favour.

The Elysian: Unlike the Tallarn, who are ground-light troops, the Elysian are Droptroopers. This means that death is up high. Other races consist of ground troops and heavy firebases to destroy the enemy by intimidation or just out-right hell. The Elysians will be your men who will be supported by their very won unique style of fighting: Imperial Navy Fighters. Using these fighters, you will gain the battle of the skies and smash the enemy with bombs and bullets to the ground to rot.

The Vostroyans: Quite acknowledged for their first-born rule, these will be soldiers who have their own unique battle-style. Given that they are city-fighters, they are deadly when used correct in hand-to-hand issues. Tanks and others are just their instruments of war, and such instruments will be the doom of all who oppose them.

The Mordian: With nerves like steel and faces of courage that would cast all others out of their way, these men will be your force when holding down even the most deadly of all attacks on your positions. Count on them to be with high morale and to smite down the enemies of the Imperium when all it seems lost.

The Renegades Undivided: Let us just leave this faction for the mean time alone. They will be holding their own surprise. Do not hope for more Khorne-fighters than Slaneesh ones. Instead, there will be pure death and toxins upon the air as these shall drown you in their own poisons.

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Great overview, Cannot wait to see this mod when its all finished!

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ramagon Author
ramagon - - 2,160 comments

Next time i'll do what i can to come up with a few Q&A stuff... so many of you know what to expect but still not all of it, as we wish for some surprises to go by.

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