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Our current status for the mod for the month of May.

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Welcome to our progress report for the month of May, we hope you enjoy the read.


In efforts to improve the quality of the mod, we've taken the liberty of removing some maps that we felt were either unnecessary or of a poor quality. Most maps we removed were duel versions of the larger FFA maps, which we felt were unneeded. Other maps to be removed will include Country Academy, Casa De Los Parias, and Surf.

Other maps will be replaced by newer versions, we will have more details later on.


As part of our agreement with Knights of the Force's leadership, we must remove all work that was created by members of the KotF team that our team doesn't own. They must do the same for our content.

Fortunately for us, this only meant we had to recreate the menus.

All menus have been remade, minus the NPC spawner, which will take time in order to be compatible with our new npc spawner system, which is still in progress, but currently on hold as our Coder continues his work to refactor the code to our needs.

You can view screenshots of these new menus on our discord server, in the previews channel, link in the summary up above.


The first level of three for Qui-gon's extended ending has been completed. Production of the second level has begun, with all assets having been collected, and the first portion of the level has had most npc and waypoint placements completed.

Unfortunately, to prevent major story spoilers, screenshots of this level will be limited, with there being no screenshots whatsoever for the third level.

Still currently brainstorming Maul's story


After Duel of the Fates is completed, work will switch over to Father vs. Son, with all 8 endings getting reworked, with most getting expanded on.

Ultimately, the mission will end up being remade, as along with our plan to remove a number of maps, the map depicting the Emperor's throne room will be replaced with a better version.

What does this mean for the mission once we release with all of these changes? Nothing. The mission will still be playable and will be remade at a later date.


Our motive to continue to work, and our morale has never been higher. We have a lot of things planned and we're looking forward to sharing them all with you.

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.


I'll be following both of you guys, regardless of what went down. Sincerely, Domino.

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