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Everything done with the mod throughout the month of June

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I apologize for the lateness of this report, but there has been a lot going on with the mod so let's get started.


With the successful implementation of free NPC skin selection for most NPCs, we have been going through every faction and removing NPCs that will no longer be needed with this system. Hundreds of NPCs have been removed, and 2 factions currently remain for the overhauls to reach the next step where we start implementing a new NPC spawner menu. We're really looking forward to implementing this, and this should mark a point in thg mod's development where we can release under the Galactic Legacy name. Aside from overall changes to remove NPCs for alternate appearances, we're also implementing new sound sets, removing outdated or fan characters, and adding new models.

Some new characters added will include Doctor Aphra, Shadow Guard, and the Droideka.

Characters with new models will include Starkiller, Darth Revan, Darth Malak, and many more.

As of this report, the Civilian and Mandalorian factions remain to be overhauled.


In keeping with the new characters, some missions will be addressed to keep consistency and achieve a higher quality. Bugs present in the Revan vs. Malak mission have been addressed, such as enemies falling over the initial walkway, as well as rare occasions where Revan wouldn't get pushed. Revan's appearance in that mission will be updated to his Jedi Knight Revan appearance from Galaxy of Heroes.

We will also be addressing a small inconsistency in Boba Fett's mission in Jedi Academy. Through the hard work of our sound editor, we were able to put together substitute dialogue for Boba Fett featuring Temuera Morrison's performance from EA's Battlefront II.

We had advertised on Discord that our next mission would be The False Emperor. This project has been put on hold indefinitely and we're currently looking into developing four saga missions. More details available as we finalize plans.


To allow for additional freedom while playing, we will be offering a menu so you can select any music track featured in the mod to play whenever you want!

Videos demonstrating this should be available shortly.


The Droideka! Finally!

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