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Status update of the mod for the month of July 2020.

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A great month for the mod, so let's get started!


The NPC overhauls have been completed, with a majority of missions updated to reflect the new NPC system. Progress on an external tool to handle all specific NPC functions has been in development over the last several weeks, with the complete NPC list being done since last week. We're hopeful that this tool will be finished this month.


Over the course of July, several missions have been addressed.


When Revan vs. Malak was first developed in July 2018, a particular stage from the original game was unable to make it in due to my lack of experience with scripting and making missions. With our first release, a 3rd stage will be added to the Revan vs. Malak mission inspired by the final stage of the original duel from Knights of the Old Republic.

After completing the ambush section, Malak will travel across the observation deck and will absorb the strength from a many Jedi as possible. For each Jedi that Malak absorbs, he will grow in strength, if he's allowed to absorb too many, he will become more resilient to your attacks and will prove tougher to defeat.

If however, you are able to free more Jedi than Malak can absorb, Malak will be more vulnerable to your attacks but will strike with his lightsaber with greater ferocity, doing significantly more damage. It's up to you to come up with a strategy to take the Dark Lord of the Sith down.


Darth Maul's extended ending is at last in production, and the first part of the story was completed as of last night (July 31st). The story has been finalized, and will be released upon completion. I'm very much looking forward to giving you this new story.

As you all have been patient long enough, I have decided to release the entire 1st cutscene to the public, which you can view right now.

Please keep in mind that the video will contain major spoilers, so view at your own discretion.


Our sound editor has been hard at work this month to update sounds for particular characters. He has primarily focused on Sith Empire characters like Uthar Wynn and miscellaneous Sith. A full list will be available with the patch notes once we release.


When we began the rebirth to Galactic Legacy, I asked the beta testers to perform testing on save game stability. Today I'm pleased to announce that almost all maps and most missions are working as intended with save games, so you can save with the assurance that you'll be able to save your progress and share your save games with the rest of the community once we release.


An amazing month for the mod, with only a handful of tasks to complete before we release.

Until we release, we will not be accepting any suggestions for characters or maps until we release. We're looking forward to bringing the mod to you as it was always meant to be. Other projects with the mod have begun work behind the scenes, such as new missions, which we can't wait to share with you.

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.


Awesome stuff! So excited for when the mod drops! Keep up the great work guys :)

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Linken233 Author

Thank you!

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