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Monomyth is finally out, after more than a year in the works!

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Awakened from stasis, you are an unknown protagonist tasked with a single objective inside one of the Combine's most oppressive facilities: Nova Prospekt. Helping you with this task is a radio operator with intentions not quite clear to you except that he wants you to succeed with your objective.


  • Full custom Player and Radio dialogue with a custom story
  • Environments inspired by Half Life 2s Nova Prospekt
  • 45-60 minutes of playtime



Q: While running the mod I tend to crash frequently and I use an Nvidia GPU, why?
A: Try updating to the latest Nvidia GPU drivers.

Q: Is this compatible with Merciless?
A: Yes, Merciless is supported.


Special Thanks:

Songs from Half Life 2 used: Aprehension and Evasion, Nova Prospekt, Hard Fought

Some notes:
It took me more than a year to finish this and I had to overcome many, many rocks that were thrown in my way on the road to finish this, but now I have finally done it. I hope you enjoy playing it and I also hope that all the hard work that has gone in from my person shows! Thank you for playing Monomyth!



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