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This update is relatively minor, but represents some big changes coming down the pipe.

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Modular Combat 2.0.5, released November 30, 2010, this was primarily just a bug fix:

  • Incessant crash has been fixed (we hope).
  • A "power down" sound will now play when a toggle deactivates from insufficient Aux.
  • Upped the monster type limit (so you can add custom monsters) from 63 to 200. Not entirely sure; if you add a 64th monster and it works, then... I guess we did. X-D

There's more: Matthew feels really, really bad making you wait for 5 weeks for just a crash fix. Super-duper bad. How bad? Like quit the team bad. Oh, he'll still be around, but probably as more of a senior advisor and web hosting patron. I, Mr. Wallet, and moving from Lead Designer to Project Lead. What does this mean for modcom? Not a whole lot, really. It mostly means that in addition to my previous duties, I'm in charge of releases and news posts, as well as organizing the team. More work -_- but at least I'm not doing all the programming like poor Winston.

If you'd like to contribute to modular combat, we could use the help. We're taking all comers as applicants to volunteer, from modeling to interface design to graphic art to programming to mapping to marketing to community management to testing to... anything! If you think the mod has potential and want to make it happen, get in touch. People who want to test should check the forums. In fact, everyone who plays the mod should check out the forums! :P People who want to program should contant Winston (you can PM him on the forums). Everyone else should send your forum PMs to me, or you can still e-mail modfidelity at gmail, and I'll get ahold of it.

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Great mod!

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guyhard - - 25 comments

Yes, the added monsters work.

Thanks for upping the monster limit!

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SuperSayian - - 2 comments


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