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1) Surface Tension Uncut v2.0 - Installer Version (by TextFAMGUY1):
"Final Final for real Update: 26/06/13The very final version of Surface Tension Uncut - v2.0 has now been released and is completed. Revisiting these maps has been a joy and I've been honoured to get to interface with the community again. This new version sees numerous and many bugfixes as well as total redesigns of many areas. Definitely check it out even if you've played the old version before. I consider this the definitive Surface Tension Uncut version.
This community project was created to remake the sections of Surface Tension which were cut from Black Mesa. I strongly felt that the omission of these chapters (namely the map C2A5F from the original Half-Life) strongly harmed the storytelling element of the game, and lessened the impact of Forget About Freeman. Seeing all the battles between the aliens and the HECU in Half-Life was one of the most awesome features of both Surface Tension and C2A5F, and I felt it was something definitely missing from Black Mesa. It also tied the story together - it simply made sense in Half-Life's Forget About Freeman when the military decided to pull out, but it didn't really have the same effect in Black Mesa due to the lack of fighting between the military and aliens as observed by the player.
I've aimed to change that, by re-integrating the cut maps. The player will see a lot of fighting between the aliens and the HECU. I've redesigned the original maps from Half-Life from scratch and integrated them into BM's existing campaign. I've also modified Black Mesa's Gargantua chase a fair bit, to make it both less buggy and more exciting. This mod is an add-on to Black Mesa. When you install it, it adds 3 maps to Black Mesa's Surface Tension chapter, which slot in naturally with the rest of the campaign. It must be added to an existing installation of Black Mesa, and as such requires Black Mesa to work.
The three maps are now complete. They tie seamlessly into Black Mesa's campaign and are AT THE VERY LEAST (I feel!) the same quality as the rest of Black Mesa. I've made very careful considerations everywhere and with the extensive help of the community, created a balanced, fun, exciting, and varied experience. In my eyes, Surface Tension now has a fitting finale consistent with the extremely high quality of the rest of the chapter.
My maps tie in seamlessly with the main Black Mesa campaign. If you install my maps and overwrite BM's existing files, your Surface Tension chapter will be SEAMLESSLY expanded to its original Half-Life 1 length using my maps. You move seamlessly from the Black Mesa dev designed sections of Surface Tension, into mine, and back to their maps again for Forget About Freeman. I've done my best to make it a seamless transition experience.
Here's a brief description of the way in which my expansion works:
- Black Mesa's Surface Tension comprises of the maps C2A5A --> C2A5G;- C2A5G is the final map of ST in Black Mesa, which is where the chapter was heavily cut from its Half-Life 1 version. The Gargantua chase was merged with the "vent drop" scene, and all of C2A5F from Half-Life 1 was cut here. They cut C2A5F out and merged the map with the Garg chase.
- My maps range from C2A5G --> C2A5I.- This expands ST by 3 maps.- My 3 maps are basically a re-make of Half-Life's C2A5F, but dramatically expanded, changed, and hopefully, improved.C2A5I is Black Mesa's Gargantua Chase, but re-imagined slightly.- My maps flow seamlessly into one another and connect seamlessly with the main campaign.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: How does this affect my Black Mesa campaign, or more specifically, Surface Tension?A: My map expands gameplay in Surface Tension by 30 - 45 minutes. It ADDS to what's already there. None of Surface Tension is affected aside from C2A5G, which in Black Mesa's version of Surface Tension, is the very last map.
Q: I see you've included the first map of Forget About Freeman in your release. Why? Do I have to install it?A: If you want the maps to link up with the rest of the campaign, then yes. It's to do with the way Source handles level changing. Linked maps must contain references to one another. Forget About Freeman's first map (C3A1A) originally had links to C2A5G (the last map of ST under the BM Dev Team's version). With my extensions, Forget About Freeman is now linked to C2A5I (which under MY version is the last map of Surface Tension). I didn't change anything else on Forget About Freeman aside from the map linkage. You don't HAVE to install it, but C2A5I will crash once you complete it if you don't.
Q: Will this be integrated into Black Mesa properly, or remain a fan project?A: I don't know! If the devs approach me asking if they can use my stuff, I'm sure as heck going to say yes! I'd be very proud if something like that were to happen. But I have no plans to approach them.
Q: Why was Surface Tension cut so badly?A: The mapper left halfway through the project, and there are probably other reasons too. Either way, I don't blame the team. The rest of Surface Tension was actually brilliant, the biggest problem was it didn't have a fitting end like it did in Half-Life 1.
Q: How do I install this?A: Read the readme.
-The Black Mesa dev team for creating such an astonishing game with fantastic maps, especially their Surface Tension chapters!-Valve for creating the amazing Half-Life universe in the first place, and their groundbreaking series.-Me (Text FAMGUY1) for all the mapping and design, I did this pretty much all singlehandedly.-One Free Man (from Facepunch) for fixing the UV mapping bug on one of the stock Black Mesa models for me.-Mbit, for figuring out the solution to the Osprey pieces doing damage, and proposing a few architectural changes.-Ronster for helping me get the satchel pipe scene to work properly.-Conti, for his amazing photoshop mockups and effort on my behalf.-CFoust for creating Propper, a very useful tool which I've made good use of. If you're a mapper, check it out!-Joel Nielsen for his awesome music, one old song of which I used in this map set.-The community at large (particularly Tian Wang (Wangman), Ronster, Dadster, and JessieStorm) for providing me with tonnes of feedback and giving me tips and tricks on how to make things work and how to design areas."
2) On a Rail Uncut - Full Beta (by TextFAMGUY1):
Mod Current Status: Beta 2 has been released and is available for everyone to download! With the release of Beta 2, and my joining the Black Mesa Dev Team, as well as getting a new job, I no longer have the time to work on this mod, sadly. Sorry guys. I still consider On a Rail Uncut Beta 2 to be the finest piece of work I've ever created, and despite some of its problems, I'm still really damn proud of it, and more than happy to call it a "finished product". I may come back to it one day, depending on how things turn out - but probably not. Thanks guys, it's been a helluva ride!
Hi there everyone,
I created the Surface Tension Uncut chapters, which can be found here on the Black Mesa Forums, and here, on ModDB. If you haven't checked them out already, please, take them for a spin! They re-add the cut areas of Surface Tension with great detail and love.Though it was a long and difficult project, it did not fully satisfy my mapping/creative appetite, nor did it satisfy my desire to have Black Mesa as the most complete re-creation of the Half-Life experience as possible. That's why I've moved on to this contentious, divisive chapter from the Half-Life universe.
You can find OaR Uncut here on ModDB.
OaR was about the journey to the rocket (it's supposed to be a fairly "epic" one - hence why Gordon had to use a tram, instead of just walking!), and Black Mesa's OaR kinda missed the point of that - the actual straight line distance between the first map of Black Mesa's OaR and the actual rocket launch center was approximately 300m (and that's a VERY generous estimate, based off of a measurement done with Hammer, under the premise that 1 unit = 1 inch).
I am quite deep into development of OaR Uncut at this point - the first 2 maps (of 4) are almost ready for alpha testing, and the first media release has been done. My redesign principles mirror that of Black Mesa's - I am attempting to streamline and refine the layouts of the missing maps from HL1 to avoid player confusion and make it overall a more fun experience for everyone involved.
Oar Uncut, once completed, will be released in 2 flavours: Lite and Full. The Lite package adds 2 maps to On a Rail: A1 and A2. Black Mesa's OaR had 3 maps by default: A, B and C. A1 and A2 come after A but before B. The Full package will include A1, A2, B1, and B2, restoring On a Rail to its original HL1 length, hopefully without any of the tediousness or frustration. This way, there's something for everyone. Loved BM's OaR and how short it was? That's cool, this project isn't for you. Thought BM's OaR was too short but don't want it to be as long as it was in HL1? Lite package. Want it to be as long as HL1? Full package. Everybody wins!
Deciphering Map Jargon:
Okay, so there's a fair amount of map jargon involved in this project which people unfamiliar with Half-Life mapping may find confusing. I've written a quick and simple guide here explaining precisely what each map is, and how they correspond to one another.
All the filenames for On a Rail maps are prefixed with C2A2. "C2A2" means that the map is part of the "On a Rail" chapter. I've left this prefix out to make things less confusing, but bear that in mind.
Maps are named with letters corresponding to their position in the chapter. The first map of "On a Rail" would be called C2A2A, and the second is called C2A2B, and so on. For the purposes of simplicity, I will just refer to them as A and B. Black Mesa has 3 maps for On a Rail - A, B and C. My maps slot in around their maps. Half Life had 10 maps for On a Rail - C2A2, A, B1, B2, C, D, E, F, G, H. In the key below, I will show which Black Mesa maps will correspond with which Half-Life maps.
BM_ = Black MesaHL_ = Half-Life
BM_A = Mostly uses content from HL_A (roughly the 1st half), plus a few new, original sections created by the BM devs.BM_A1 = Assimilates the leftover content the BM Devs left out of A, with a little original content of my own. Also contains a side room from HL_B2.BM_A2 = Corresponds almost identically HL_B1 and HL_C. HL_C's Office Complex has been DRAMATICALLY expanded, so overall this map is a lot bigger.BM_B = Corresponds to roughly 1st half of HL_D, with an expanded Rocket Silo (plus new puzzle).BM_B1 = Will correspond roughly to the tiny missing portion of HL_D, and all of HL_E.BM_B2 = Will correspond roughly to HL_F and HL_G. Parts of HL_F and HL_G will be set outdoors, to add diversity to locales and to make things more interesting.BM_C = Corresponds to HL_H, but with a new, original 1st half.
-The Black Mesa dev team for creating such an astonishing game with fantastic maps! The astounding quality of their maps really inspired me to become a better mapper.-Valve for creating the amazing Half-Life universe in the first place, and their groundbreaking series.-Me (Text FAMGUY1) for all the mapping and design, I did this pretty much all singlehandedly.-Dejan for writing the pieces "The Year of Death," and "Dark Skies," used on A2 and B2 respectively - written for Community Project 12. Brilliant bits of work. Hopefully my maps do your work justice.-The Empire (Andrew Bastian) for writing the piece "Lights Out," for me; a beautiful chill piece I use during the ambush on B1. This piece is still a work in progress, feedback is welcomed - but be nice!-Impetuous for skinning the construction and office workers (skinned from the BM Dev team's original security guard and inspired by Mr Someguy's attempt) found throughout OaR Uncut. Great work! dead-brushes and KeepWaiting from DeviantArt deserve credit for the blood textures used on the office workers.-Mr Someguy for providing me with a working hexed model when the model provided by Impetutous (STILL WAITING FOR THAT TO BE FIXED!) didn't work.-Maestro Fenix for creating part of the skins for the construction orker model, and also helping me solve several annoying bugs with my custom models. Thanks a lot!-The community at large for providing me with tonnes of feedback and giving me tips and tricks on how to make things work and how to design areas. This project wouldn't be where it is today without you guys.-Everyone involved in the feedback for ST Uncut. Had ST Uncut not been successful, which undoubtedly would not have happened without the community's support, I would definitely not have been inspired enough to move onto this project.
I am not affiliated with the Black Mesa Dev Team in any way, shape or form. I've simply built on their work.
I am not responsible for any damage this may do to your game, computer, bank account or love life. You install this at your own peril, accepting with it any bugs or problems which it may bring. I recommend you either back up all of your Black Mesa folder before installing my stuff, or back up the original copies of maps just to be on the safe side. I don't expect anything to go wrong, but it's a good philosophy in life to be safe about these things.
==Beta 2 Release==
Released for the general public!
General-Includes hotfix for missing textures.-Fixed lots of "dark doors," and lots of rail z-fighting and bad connections. Not all bad connections are fixable because the bounding boxes of the rail models are misaligned, but there should be no serious flaws left.-Many, many miscellaneous and small fixes which I've forgotten to include. LOADS.-Replaced the Freeman graffiti with better looking, newer designs.
A Maps-Fixed weird bug where headcrabs by the crane room wouldn't attack the player.-Fixed weird visual bug where double doors down in the flooded tunnel had different lighting to one another.-Fixed bad visual bug in sprinkler hallway where the pillars had different height textures to the walls.-Added a window to the storage room in the office complex, so that it's a bit easier to see what's going on in there.-Moved the trigger for the corpse drag a bit further back to reduce the chance of the player breaking the scene by being able to see it moving on its own.-Few miscellaneous fixes to the security office.
B Maps-Rotated B by 180 degrees so that its now facing the "right" way.-Gave the 2 health chargers on the map a charge of 100. The charger by the Vort ambush needs 100 because it's going to be used by the player before AND after they open the boom gate, and its previous value of 75 just wasn't enough to allow the player to reach the turntable room comfortably. The charger in the turntable room needs 100 so the player can approach the turntable lift on full health, and after that fight can backtrack to get more health for the start of B2 if they wish.-Reduced the difficulty of the turntable ambush a fair bit by cleaning up the more frustrating elements. The old "backstabbing" Marine who would shoot you from behind, outside the 50 Cal's range now no longer does that, due to new boxes obscuring that sightline. Gave some of the Marines Shotguns to make your health disappear slower. Removed one of the Marines from charging into the room at the end of the battle, and reduced the health of the high up Marine from default to 20, to make him easier to kill.-Added HEV charger to the mat trans room at the start of B2, to make the fight in the warehouse easier. It was too difficult before.-Added a script which makes it so that if all the Marines die before the Guards to (rare, but possible), the Guards will die (think of it as blood loss!)-Rebalanced the spacing of outdoor combat even further. The Marines in the outdoor security office no longer charge out if you simply loop around the tracks on the tram, and instead only come out if you go near the security office. This makes it easier for players whose first instinct upon seeing the 50 Cal is to duck behind the tram controls and then accelerate forwards.-Moved the sentry by the electrical substation, to where the bundle of Ibeams is near the 50 Cal emplacement, for similar reasons to the rebalance above. A player rushing on the tram away from the 50 Cal no longer has to face that turret shooting them in the arse either, and in its new position it STILL covers the 50 Cal from being flanked.-Switched up the post switch ambush in the outdoor security office ever so slightly, so that the two Marines who don't rush you are in better positions.-Readded the "second sniper," to the tower, to give the illusion that the Sniper can cover his flanks as well. Added a script which makes it so that only 1 of those snipers can be active at once. Both die if you kill just one. This means that you can no longer just go around the side of the Sniper to avoid his fire, you have to play smarter.-Tweaked the flare scene a bit so that it falls faster, and no longer has the really loud firing sound.-Tweaked the distant convoy to make them slower, changed their distant sound, and also made their lights more transparent so they look less toy-like.
C-Rotated the silo in C by 180 degrees so that it's now facing the "right" way. Thanks .RK!-Added a post-launch song to the Rocket Launch. The scene is now set to play music/postlaunch.wav, 5 seconds after the rocket launches. However, no postlaunch.wav has been included with OaR Uncut. This leaves it up to the player's discretion as to whether or not they want a post launch song. If you want a post launch song, rename any song of your choosing to postlaunch.wav, and put it in the music folder. I find that "Guitars and Riffs" from HL1 works brilliantly with that scene (Half-Life03.mp3 in the game's files). I recommend it highly.
==Beta Release==
==Alpha B2==
-Alpha release of map BM_C2A2B2, the final map of OaR Uncut, thus making the project complete to an alpha standard.-Updated some small elements of B1 (it still isn't even close to beta standard, I just fixed some simple problems), namely:-Fixed the "SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE!" sound originating from the guard.-Fixed some horrible texture transitions present in the turntable room.-Found a fix for "Lights Out," not resuming in its original position upon loading a save game, and instead abruptly stopping. This fix will also be applied to The Year of Death on the beta release.-Fixed the Freight Elevator at the end of the map so that both floors have a "call elevator," button, preventing the player from being able to strand themselves.
==Alpha 1B1==
Alpha release of map BM_C2A2B1, first map of the Material Transit System.
==Alpha 1A=
Initial Release
3) Vent Mod Version 2.2 (by Erik Loyd a.k.a. .RK):
Hello everyone and welcome to the Black Mesa Vent Mod. I'd first like to say thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy this small addition to the Black Mesa gameplay experience.
Please be warned that this is currently a work in progress. The areas and gameplay you see over the course of this mod are not indicative of what the final product will be like.
Introduction:In the original Half-Life, the player ventured back underground after barely escaping the surface bombardment in the latter half of the We Got Hostiles. This manifested in a vent maze that we behind the scenes of already explored areas. However, this was not very well received, (seriously, they suck) and rightfully so as to navigate a maze with a movement speed of such a slow pace, and added to that the fact that the vents themselves were very boring, this was for the most part left out of Black Mesa. Instead the run from the military was more hallways.
There is also a problem in Black Mesa's implementation of We Got Hostiles in that, spacially speaking, there is a huge descrepency. Over the course of the chapter, the player travels at least five stories up in altitude, but only comes down one at the end of the chapter, resulting in the same areas being much higher up the second time around. This is actually the bigger reason on why this Mod is being made.
Vent Mod aims to deal with both of these problems in a fun way. It will make both the vents interesting, get rid of the maze nonsense, as well as solve a spacial error. The mod achieves this via editing the stock maps bm_c1a3a and bm_c1a3c, as well as adding in a new bm_c1a3d map to accomodate most of the new material.
Disclaimer:I am in no way affiliated with the Black Mesa development team. The only thing I have done is built upon their work.
I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may come about through the installation of this mod. Therefore, you are downloading this at your own risk and you are accepting any flaws that may be present therein. If you feel the need to go back to the stock black mesa maps, simply make a copy of the map you will be replacing.
Credits:Black Mesa Devs - For creating such a fantastic game.Valve - For creating such a fantastic universe for us to play in.Me - For doing the work for the modOpenSourceForever - For attempting to recreate the vent sequence first, and thus inspiring Vent Mod.
Version 2 Final 2 v.2.2- Changed vent shaft platforms to be more consistant with the other vent shaft- Added cagelight models to the vents so they'd look more consistant.- Added shelf to cafeteria area. Likewise, moved/placed items there.- Moved pickups in freezer so they would be easier to find.- Changed zombie to be occupied at the start.
Version 2 Final v.2.1- Got rid of projected decals to prevent decal bug- Fixed issues where parts of the warehouse wouldn't render- Fixed some placement issues- Fixed an issue where the door would not change appearance and look unlocked- Changed a scientist animation to be less motionless.
Version 2 Release Candidate v.2.0- Used bspsource over vmex C map now has GODRAYS A map lighting is fixed maps have area portals and occluders Other minor things likely fixed- Made save at return to A map- Hid decal bug via aforementioned save.
Hotfix #3 v.1.6-(NOT FIXED) Fixed a bug where decals in the A map would project random textures- Minor mechanical improvements
Final Version v.1.5- Removed flares- Added a brand new area to the end of the C map- Improved the scripting for the interrogation scene- Made some changes to the security office approach sequencing- Spread out the number of enemies more evenly across areas- Minor scripting changes for existing enemy encounters- Various minor visual improvements
Release candidate 2 v.1.4- Added in another cratecrab!- Made the interrogation scene more dynamic- HECU can also shoot at player during certain times- Made bulletholes more obvious- Re-did the office-vent-zombie area to prevent issues- Minor visual improvements
Hotfix #2 v.1.3- Fixed black ceiling issue- Fixed elevator issue
Release candidate v.1.2- Added a new side area in the C map- Added two new sequences to the A map- Fixed a doorway issue in the passage to Blast Pit- Added bulletholes at the beginning of the vent section.- Improved some lighting in the A map- Improved optimization- Made autosave into autosave_dangerous to prevent falls- Other various minor fixes
Hotfix #1 v.1.1- Readded some missing files
Beta Release v.1.0- Initial release
4) Loop Mod Final Version (by Erik Loyd a.k.a. .RK):
Hello everyone and welcome to the Black Mesa Loop Mod. I'd first like to say thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy this small addition to the Black Mesa gameplay experience. I am grateful to have had support for the project so far and it's safe to say it would not have reached this point had there been no interest in it.
Introduction:As many people have pointed out, there was a lot of cut content to the On a Rail chapter. What was ten maps in the original Half-Life was cut down to just three maps. The first map tried to capture the essance of A, the second caputured D, and the last map covered H. This left B1,B2,C,E,F, and G in the dust.
While there is another mod in progress that restores those six maps, A is still lacking in the Half-Life flavoring department. This area was about figuring out the transit system, getting the bearings, and eventually setting a correct course towards the rocket. This made use of loops, which were missing from Black Mesa in part because their counterpart in the original game was too confusing for many people.
Loop Mod aims to restore this looped gameplay without replicating the headaches of the original, via careful editing of the On a Rail map bm_c2a2a. It does this by taking advantage of some of the pre-existing layouts, adding a new section of track, and also providing adequate indicators of where the player needs to go. This will make the alteration easy to understand.
Disclaimer:I am in no way affiliated with the Black Mesa development team. The only thing I have done is built upon their work.
I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may come about through the installation of this mod. Therefore, you are downloading this at your own risk and you are accepting any flaws that may be present therein. If you feel the need to go back to the stock black mesa maps, simply make a copy of the map you will be replacing.
Credits:Black Mesa Devs - For creating such a fantastic game.Valve - For creating such a fantastic universe for us to play in.Me - For doing the work for LoopModTextFAMGUY1 - For inspiring the mod through his work, and for some models / textures used in the mod.ThatWimmerKid - For providing some of the texture work for the switchboard.MrSomeguy - For providing improved audio for the demo vid.Dadster - For his mountains upon mountains of feedback.PCGameCrazy - For his consistant avocacy for the mod.My testers - For providing valuable feedback.Everyone - For their support!
Hotfix #8 v1.5.2- Restructures package to prevent issue with the uncut version having to rebuild nodegraph when first loaded.- Minor bug-fixes
Hotfix #7 v.1.5.1- Fixed a packaging error where installing Loop Mod after On a Rail Uncut would result some important files from the latter being overwritten
Final Version #2 v.1.5- Improved optimization of visibility and physics- Redesigned area in pipe-bridge room so that bullsquid would have adequate moving space.- Redid the bridge over the pipes in the same room- Redid the earth displacements in the same room- Fixed some graphical issues- Made a small update to the switchboard texture
Hotfix #6 v.1.4.2- Readded missing files
Hotfix #5 v.1.4.1- Readded missing files
Final Version v.1.4- Glass over rail map is now breakable- Improved Houndeye AI performance in security office- Fixed some astetic and geometry issues
Release Candidate #2 v.1.3- Fixed lighting inconsistancies on tracks- Fixed some scripts for AI- Fixed some geometry gaps- Removed vents from electric box room- Changled glass on map for better visability- Added some missing files for users that do not have OarUncut
Hotfix #4 v.1.2.1- Readded missing textures for pipes
Release Candidate v.1.2- Optimized visability to reduce PVS, level runs smoother- Added small room across the hall from security office, for decoration- Decorated and expanded side hall.- Added info_lightings so that numerous props would be properly lit- Fixed bug where switchboard would appear differently depending on viewing angle- Fixed bug where sprites would not render depending on viewing angle- Optimized pipe model setup in pipe bridge room- Made slight adjustments to security office layout- Optimized physics props so that beginning of level runs smoother- Added a light-break sequence to one of the tunnel exits for mood- Various other minor fixes
Beta Release v.1.1- Added HDR- Corrected cubemap placements- Fixed various graphical errors- Redesigned lounge area- Changed panel displays to be a bit more high-tech- Added sounds to give surroundings more life- Added shakes and falling debris for immersion (and as per HL)- Sidehall near security room is now open. Bullsquid is now fightable- Houndeye ambush in office is now more dynamic to prevent overwhelming- Added sprites to the security office- Electric pool puzzle has been made slightly more dynamic in appearance
Hotfix #3 v.1.0.3- Reattempted to readd missing textures and models- Recompiled bridge room model now makes correct metal sounds- Fixed brush bug where underwater face decided to nodraw (and allowed players to see outside the map)
Hotfix #2 v.1.0.2- Added more textures that were missing / incorrectly defined in the package
Hotfix #1 v.1.0.1- Added some textures that were missing / incorrectly defined in the package.- Recompiled pipe room models to make correct metal sounds- Fixed doors not appearing like they were supposed to
Alpha Release v.1.0- Initial release
5) Black Mesa Hazard Course v1.0.0 (Mod Installer):
"Black Mesa: Hazard Course is an add-on for the well known Source Engine mod, Black Mesa. Using Black Mesa assets as well as much of our own custom made content, Black Mesa Hazard Course will feature a complete re-creation of Half-Life's training level, including new dialogue and voice acting, HD models, textures and detailed environments."
Core Development:Christian "Crypt" BryantRyan "dky.tehkingd.u" LamJeff "JeffMOD" LyonsLars RunoMichael Tannock
Testing Team:Phillip "PCGameCrazy" FrasquieriErik ".RK" LoydDavy "Dragunov2" MaekelbergShawn "Deathmonkey7" Morris AKA King of the UniverseStephen Wimmer
Voice Cast:Lurana HillardMichael "CornetTheory" HillardJosh "Colorfinger" JonesAndy "Urby" MorrisVictoria "CatzEyes93" TeunissenMichael "Mikee" TsarouhasKevin "debeerguy007" SiskStephen Wimmer
6) Patched Maps (Surface Tension Uncut Base) (by Phillip Frasquieri A.K.A.: Mr. GameCrazy);
7) Closed Captions Update v1.32 (by Phillip Frasquieri A.K.A.: Mr. GameCrazy):
"As you already know from my post on the Black Mesa Forums, the new versions of the Closed Captions Update are here! It was painstaking process of finding each error and editing and compiling them to make sure they were working properly. After finishing that out and before releasing it, I noticed on Dadster's Closed Caption Update thread that there was a patch by the translation community that included the VOX lines and patched maps resolving the lack of captions in Inbound and several missing captions in the last map of On a Rail. I decided to add that into my update as well.The 2 bases include patched maps for the Inbound chapter (c0a0a - c0a0c), the last On a Rail map (Patched version of TextFAMGUY1's maps (B1 & C) are also included in case you have OaR Uncut installed), map c2a5g for Surface Tension, the first Forget About Freeman map to resolve captions bug (ST Uncut Base uses patched version of TextFAMGUY1's map), a game_sounds_manifest.txt file (one of them modified to be compatible with Surface Tension Uncut), and a game_sounds_ambient_generic_cc.txt file for the scripts.The captions updates include more corrections and fixes for the captions and new captions for the VOX lines. Several of them also include a scenes.image file to make more than one mod work properly."
Valve - For creating the Half-Life universe.Crowbar Collective (aka BM Devs) - For creating the Black Mesa game.BM Translation Community - For patching the Inbound maps and the last On a Rail map to get the captions to work properly and adding the VOX lines from Anomalous Materials to On a Rail.TextFAMGUY1 - For creating Surface Tension and On a Rail Uncut.Ulrik - For helping Text fix the Forget About Freeman captions bugHezus- For creating the Uplink Mod.Dadster - For creating the first version of the Closed Captions Update Mod.Kyruma - For helping Dadster out with some questions he had.TSL16b - For finding a solution to fixing the issue where captions in the Inbound chapter and the final On a Rail map fade out before the lines are completely heard.
v1.32: Edited color of Announcement VOX captions to resemble the Steam version of those captions. Also removed asterisks from captions.
v1.31: Fixed an issue where some Inbound and On a Rail captions would fade out before a line was completely heard using the command (thank you TSL16b).
v1.30: Edited the sci03_hopenooneexpectsme02 line, the grd01_idle01_jumpthegun01 line, and the sci01_firetherocketengine02a line.
v1.29: Added captions for the B1 map (B1 map is included in the patched maps bases). Also reverted the sci_eli_notellingwhatdanger01 line back to it's original version.
v1.28: Fixed an issue where the grd01_idle_physicstorocketscience lines were not displayed.
v1.27: Fixed an error in the notthemanithought04 guard line.
v1.26: Edited the mumbled conversation between G-Man and a scientist to only show up if closed captions are turned on (won't show up in subtitles mode), the grd04_orangesuit02 line, and the sci13_twoorthree01 line.
v1.25: Edited some Announcement VOX lines and the Luanchpad line.
v1.24: Added a patched version of TextFAMGUY1 final OaR Uncut map (c2a2c) to show the Launchpad and HECU VOX lines.
v1.23: Fixed an error in the sci45_wantedtovisit_cleveland01, grd01_anyideas02, and the annoyance12_take01 line. Also removed some more duplicate captions. Also edited several Uplink captions.
v1.22: Removed some duplicate captions, fixed an error where Barney's goodgod npc lines had the same name, fixed an error where a Questionable Ethics captions was saying "[Pofounding]" instead of "[Pounding]" (my bad), fixed an error where the word "unauthorized" was misspelled in several VOX Announcement lines, fixed an error where the Headcrab attack and alert captions were not consistent with most of the enemy captions, fixed an error where the HEV caption was saying "Chemical dctected." when it really said "Warning. Hazardous chemical detected.", edited a couple hgrunt_young lines, and edited the zombies_theyarelikezombies02 line.
v1.21: Fixed an error where some of the subtitles had "Test Chamber" not capitalized, fixed an error where some of them had "OK" not capitalized, and fixed an error in the tram_02_thetimeis line where it said "105" when it really said "one hundred and five". I added the weapon_tau.SpinUp caption. I also decided to recolor the Inbound dialog to the GLaDOS color to make it distinct from the rest of the captions. It's also a nod to the Black Mesa Outtakes video. Also adding a modified version of patched version of TextFAMGUY1's Forget About Freeman map. I fixed an error in his version of the map via Entspy where it was not showing the "[Radio Static]" and "[Radio Off]" captions (thank you Entspy).
v1.20: Fixed an error in the HG_CHARGE07_thereheisigothim, the HG_COVER06a, and the HG_COVER06b lines for the hgrunt_young, fixed an error in the HG_ALERT09 line for the hgrunt, added the missing caption HG_COVER6d for the hgrunt_young, and edited a couple of the .50 Cal and Tow captions.
v1.19: Edited the HG_ANSWER06 line for both the hgrunt and hgrunt_young.
v1.18: Edited the HG_MEDIC13 line for hgrunt_young.
v1.17: Reverted the hgrunt02_yeahmaybe02, hgrunt02_theysayhesgroundzero01, and the HG_TAUNT06 (for hgrunt_young) line back to their original versions and edited the HG_COVER01 line (for hgrunt).
v1.16: A little more editing for the hgrunt npc lines, fixed an error in the sci20_iwasinspired02_01 line and the marine_taunt01 line, edited the sci50_highlytrainedpro02 line, the grd03_jackson01 line, the goodgod05_sp03 line, the annoyance_pre32 line, the startle12 line, the sci_headcrabfight_01 line, the eventheodds07 line, the npc_snark.Bite caption, recolored the sci_pulling_deathgroan line to red, and reverted Eli's 2nd line in Unforseen Consequences to "I... I tried to warn them!".
v1.15: Edited the outofyourway02 line, the excuseme03 line, the grd01_longwaydown05 line, the grd01_idle02_youshouldbefine line, and some hgrunt npc lines.
v1.14: Fixed an issue where the caption for the sci03surgery_death01 line was not showing up in the dialog only option, edited the grd01_trackthemdown01 line, and edited the hgrunt02_whatiftheyIDbody lines.
v1.13: The word "administrator" is capitalized in all captions that use it, edited the extrahoursin02 line, and edited the tradejobs line. Also added a scenes.image file for all Uplink versions for anyone who has both that and ST Uncut.
v1.12: Fixed an error in Barney's 2nd heretheycome line.
v1.11: Fixed a spelling error in the word "foxtrot" and added a couple captions for the snarks.
v1.10: Edited the scientist line in the last map of Questionable Ethics, edited the HECU Soldier pain lines to [Soldier in Pain!], edited the guard death line to [Security Guard Death], added an attack line for the zombies, and added a death line for the gargantua.
v1.09: Added a missing caption for the HECU soldier death.
v1.08: Fixed an error in an HGrunt line where it said, "Sector secure. Over." when he really said, "Sir, sector secure. Over.", fixed up the scientist_male and scientist_female zombie lines, and made the closecaption_english.txt file a little bit smaller by taking out some unnecessary tabs.
v1.07: Modified the same line on Update #6. It will now say "<clr:255,200,0>** Attention! This... <clr:180,144,76>[garbled noise] <clr:255,200,0>...sys<clr:160,128,96>tem now under military command. **"
v1.06: Updated the C1A3_05_SWITCH line from "<clr:255,200,0>** Attention! This... <clr:180,144,76>[garbled noise]<clr:160,128,96> ...system now under military command. **" to "<clr:255,200,0>** Attention! This... <clr:180,144,76>[garbled noise] ...sys<clr:160,128,96>tem now under military command. **" to make it seem like the HECU VOX has taken over the Overhead VOX in the middle of the word "system". A bit experimental, but it works very well.
v1.05: Edited the sci13_twoorthree01 line from "You forgot to carry the two or... was it the three?" to "You forgot to carry the two... or was it the three?".
v1.04: Another minor update: Edited the oar_radiolaunchpad line to the HECU marine caption color scheme.
v1.03: Very minor update: Made the closecaption_english.txt a little smaller by deleting several unnecessary blank lines.
v1.02: Fixed a bug where the folowprocedure [sic] line was not showing any captions. Also fixed a spelling error in the word "PhD".
v1.01: Minor correction for the last grumbling scientist line and made file a little neater.
v1.00: Initial release.
8) Black Mesa Animation Revamp (by 586 Studios):
"New models, materials, sound and animation."
Credits:Lamarr - SPAS-12 Model Diwako - SPAS-12 Textures Modderfreak - SPAS-12 Normal MapsTwinke Masta - Glock ModelShiban - Glock TexturesLoyen - Crowbar Model tWo - Crowbar Textures Teh Strelok - Sounds (All of them) Ossian - Hand bone weighting Thanez - Hands Model, TexturesIIopn - Animation, Compile
ORIGINAL AUTHORS:Crossbow, RPG, Gluon, Tau, Satchel, Tripmine, Hivehand Model, Textures by BM Dev Team.
CONTRIBUTORSAcoma - Sound Fix & HUDSPECIAL THANKSMax(R) - Beta Testing the file.
9) BMS Update of Mp5 (by 586 Studios):
Key Authors:Schmung (Model);PARANOIA Team (M203 model & texture);Thanez (Texture);Grizzly (Texture);IIopn (Animation & Compile);Strelok (Sounds);
10) Gray MP5 + phong & Normals (by Bloodshot):
"This is a reskin of the animation revamp MP5 to a lighter gray, it also removes the "painted on" shading (with it it looks like a goldsrc custom model IMO), generated normal maps and added phong shading as well.Optional HL1-styled sounds included."
CREDITS:Key Authors:Bloodshot (Retexture/Normals);Original Authors:Schmung (Model);PARANOIA Team (M203 model & texture);Thanez (Original Texture);Grizzly (Texture);IIopn (Aninmator);Strelok (MP5 sounds)Special Thanks:Valve (HL1 sound effects);
11) Colt King Cobra .357 (by Thanez):
CREDITS:Original AuthorsThanez (Model, Bake, Textures, Compile);M4tlock (Original hand);Valve (Original HEV model);Thanez (HEV hand/arm textures, hacking, modeling, bakes, etc.);IIopn (Animations);Strelok (Sounds);
12) Black Mesa Animation Revamp Retexture (by Hawkshadow741):
"Well, here's a pack for the animation pack that reskins all the new models Hands, Crowbar, Glock, 357, MP5, Grenade and Shotgun."
Key Authors:Hawkshadow741 (Retexture);Original Authors:Arby26 (SW29 Model);Rafael De Jongh (SW29 Texture);Tigg (M4 Model/Texture);tWo (Crowbar texture);Lamarr (Spas12 model);Diwako (Spas12 Texture);ModderFreak (Spas12 Normal);Twinke Masta (Glock model);Shiban (Glock texture);Thanez (Hand Model, texture);IIopn (Animator);Special Thanks - BMS Team (For Black Mesa);
13) Thanez's Mark IV hand retexture (by Zeroize0):
CREDITS:Key Authors:Thanez (Model, Texture);Zeroize0 (Retexture);
14) Better Crowbar and HEV HAND textures (by lambdist):
Original authors:Hawkshadow741 (Retexture)tWo (Crowbar texture);Thanez (Model, Texture);Zeroize0 (Retexture);
15) Reworked HUD Icons (by Acoma):
Creator - Acoma (Created all icons from scratch);Original Authors - Crowbar Collective (Initial icons/concepts)MasterChiefFox (Spas-12 base image);Special Thanks:IIopn (Sparking my interest with his animation releases);Kimono (M9 model);tigg (M4 model);arby26 (S&W 29 model);Thanez (Frag model);vashts1985 (Desert Eagle model);Schmung (MP5 model);Ganryu (M16 model hack);
16) Blue Shift-like HUD for Black Mesa (by NightBerkut):Credits:NightBerkut - HUD Creator.Unknown - "Trebuchet MS" font creator.
17) Classic HUD Color, classic snarks, classic health and hev interface (by lambdist);
18) BM Retro skin pack;
CREDITS:Key Authors:ysrael214 (compilation and some skins)J. Barnes (guard pants texture)lestat_cv (beret texture)Original Authors:Black Mesa Mod Team - original textures;
Final Update before Xen:- apache texture modified;- barnacle tongue less bright;- gman eyes less bright;- femassassin texture darker;- hev suit right foot inconsistency fixed;- marines' gasmask have better glass texture;- marines' gloves changed;- improved scientists' dirty texture;- invisible mines included;- crossbow texture modified;- crossbow scope has no dirt and has a bluish tint;- grenade brighter;- rpg darker;- snarks no antenna;- tripmine buttons darker;- fixed bullsquid skin;- more orange controller;- houndeye texture modified;- added blood on tentacle's point;- made zombie scientist pants dirtier;- bounce pad more on brown;- osprey texture modified;- ceiling sentry texture modified;- abrams is green;- lav is tan;- inbound tram furnitures is blue green;- harrier is gray;;- m35s are green;
19) Hornet gun reskin (by ysrael214):
Key Authors:ysrael214 (edit);Original Authors:Black Mesa Devs (original model and texture);
20) Joazzz's HL1 aliens (by Joazzz):Headcrab only.
21) HL1 Style Vortigaunt (by Brain Dead):
"I probably won't update any of my Black Mesa mods for now, at least until the game is complete.
I've been working on something else, and I'd like to finish it before the end of the year. That might not happen though."
22) Human Grunt Classic Look (by ysrael214):
CREDITS:Key Authors:ysrael214 (edit);Group Authors - BM Mod Team;
23) HEV suit recolor (by estupiD2);
24) H.E.V. Mark IV Reskin for mod version (by Zeroize0):
Key Authors:Crowbar collective (Texture);Zeroize0 (Retexture);
25) Classic Health and Hev Chargers (by lestat_cv22):
"Are you a nostalgic person? Do you miss old Health Chargers from Half Life? Which seemed simple but technological? Well, with this retexture your problems are over. The Health Charger is screen is animated, the HEV Charger screen is digital, and now we can see the numbers and descriptions in high quality detail."
26) Classic Medkit and little improved Battery (by lestat_cv22):
"Miss the old REALLY classic medkit? Without the logo of medics, but just a simple screen with some heartbeat nonsense?
And a bonus, a little improvement to the battery as a bonus (Trusty packs style).
27) Houndeye gib fix (by ysrael214):
"This makes the houndeye's stripes not glow or have that blue color when gibbed. Phong also added to nearly match its non-gibbed version."
CREDITSKey Authors:ysrael214 (edit);Original Authors - Black Mesa Mod Team (base texture);
28) Gun-Nut Magnum Ammo Box (by Old Hermit & Game Zombie):
"Replaces the .357 Magnum ammo boxes found throughout Black Mesa with an HD remaster of the original Half-Life "Gun-Nut" ammo.
2048x2048 Diffuse / Bump, 338 Tris. Materials by Old Hermit, model by Game Zombie.
April 25, 2017 Update:
*Updated the diffuse with a newer design*Changed the bullets from silver to brass*Updated materials to include phong and specular*Added a normal map."
29) Classic Shotbox for Black Mesa v2 (by Sludge Trudger, Old Hermit & Game Zombie):
"This skin pack is a remake of the Half-Life 1 shotgun shell box. It was inspired by Old Hermit's 'Gun-Nut Ammo Box' release, and was made with his assistance.
* v1: Minimalist redesign of the classic Half-Life 1 shotgun shell box with the shotgun shell changed to a company logo and the text in the yellow bar to a company name.* v1: New high-quality model by Game Zombie featuring accurate-to-game shell count.* v1: Prebaked ambient occlusion.* v1: A redesign that pops out but does not stand out.* NEW in V2!: All new shaders for the shotgun shells inside the box. No more ugly painted-on lighting. With the power of phong, the shotgun shells have nice reflections.
Thank you to Old Hermit for assisting in the creation of these new shaders in v2, and especially thank you to Game Zombie for the modifications to the model to support multiple .vmts.
2048x texture with 660 tris, texture by WallyTheUrotsuki, model by GameZombie, with some assistance by Old Hermit."
30) Improved full moon (by Strelok):
"It was a tedious process to get the texture to work well, but at last I replaced the default moon from the mod, this one is also smaller. the bms dev team should consider adding some of the fixes posted in the site, I?ll add this to the bundle of improvements I posted in the skin section as well later on."
31) Improved Vista (by Impetuous):
"I've always thought that the vista you see in Surface Tension was stunningly beautiful, but was slightly red in colour. After a lot of fine-tuning, I managed to make it consistent with the rest of the landscape in Black Mesa; more brown/orange, less red. Features: - Skybox colour scheme matches map textures - Better blending between skybox and map."
Key Authors:Impetuous (Tweaking the texture);Original Authors:Black Mesa Team (Original texture);
32) Emergency Flare Texture Edit/Fix (by Citizen):
"A simple modification to the emergency flare model's texture so that only the text glows in the dark (much like the flares in Episode 1) instead of the entire flare."
CREDITS:Steam/Workshop:Citizen [?] (texturizer);
33) Classic Style Vending Machines (lestat_cv22):
"Miss the old vending machines? With "Enjoy" logo and a lot of fruits?Miss the soda soda? Yeah, still exists but not too HL1 feel?
Feel the old school power in your veins again!"
CREDITS:Key Authors:lestat_cv22 (texture artist);
34) Improved Desert Texture (by MotorHead & rbzfan):
CREDITS:authors:crowbar collective (original textures);rbzfan (retextured desert textures);MotorHead (vpk exploler);
35) Army M35 Truck (by MicroPackR):
"nothing really changed..
i just adding a "star" in the door :p."
36) WON-style menu (by Bloodshot);
"This is a simple background map/console background/sound pack that gives your BM a bit of nostalgia - if you've ever played HL1 pre-steam this should be instantly recognizable to you."
CREDITS:Author - Bloodshot (Idea and execution);Contributors - OldDirtyBastard (Background Animation);Special Thanks - CursorXP (Optional WON menu colors);
37) CursorXP's won theme (by CursorXP);
38) lambdist's classic loading screen (by lambdist);
Michael Tannock (Gordon Freeman art);CursorXP;Bloodshot;Contributors;
39) Imroved field of view for weapons (by lambdist);
40) HL Soundtrack in BM (by ysrael214):
Original Authors:Kelly Bailey (composer) - Half-Life soundtrack;Valve Corporation - Half-Life;
41) Nuclear Mission Jam Cover (by Matthew Beckham);
42) Half-Life - Hard Technology Rock [Remix] (by Vandoorea);
43) Half-Life 2 - Hazardous Environments [Remix] (by Vandoorea);
44) Half-Life PS2 Menu Theme Extended Rock Remix (by Tortilla Tequila);
"An unfinished track created by Brandon Blume."
45) Valve theme remix (by Senny):
Valve theme (Senny remix);
46) Half Life Soundtrack - Military Precision (Djenty Metal Remix) (by The Stickman):
"Sorry for bad audio quality i'm not good at mixing
I hate the fact that i don't have a real guitar but to avoid noises i use plugin (i'm suck, right?) because i'm not living in a house
The guitar track was done using usb keyboard."
47) HL1 Stats in Black Mesa (by ysrael214);
48) Half-Life 2 OST — Tau-9 Escape Array (Extended Mashup) (by System Overlord);
49) Re-balanced and fixed Black Mesa (by Perseus290688);
50) H.E.V. Mark IV Reskin & Recolor for mod version (by lambdist, estupiD2 & Zeroize0):
Key Authors:Crowbar collective (Texture);lambdist, estupiD2 & Zeroize0 (Retexture);
51) No Sprint Sound (by Brain Dead):
"That breathing sound can get annoying with "always run" enabled."
52) Nostalgia Sound Pack Remastered - Environment (by khyypio):
DESCRIPTION:"*** UPDATED September 2017. Presentation video partially outdated ***
- H.E.V. sounds from HL1- tram announcer now sounds like it?s coming from a speaker- flashlight, ammo/battery/health/weapon-pickups- there?s more, I just can?t remember them anymore…- Now this mod more easily compatible with other mods. - Pay attention to certain VO?s J- Visit Xen room- Visit certain little lab in Anomalous Materials and enjoy the 90?s!- ALSO, I changed a few sounds that are not related to HL or even nostalgia. Don?t worry, you?ll like it… or at least you won?t hate it.- I gave VOX a little noise removal treatment, added a nice echo and edited switchover a bit.
This sound pack tries to imitate original Hal-Life?s atmosphere. It changes sounds that are tied to their environment such as ambient, alarms, announcement system, retinal scanners, buttons, etc. Also, many item sounds are changed. Each and every sound has been cleared from hisses and scratches and heavily edited. Don?t worry about sound-quality, just watch the video.
- about 30 ambience sounds- 8 alarms- Retinal scanners, locked doors- 8 buttons- VOX and tram announcements- chargers- medkits, batteries, ammo- elevators, doors, some fans
This mod will be updated, at the latest when Xen is released.
P.S. Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome. You don?t have to tell me if you don?t like or don?t want to use this mod, it?s useless information for everyone.
Credits goes to Valve and Crowbar Collective."
53) Nostalgia Sound Pack Remastered - Monsters (by khyypio):
"*** UPDATED September 2017. Presentation video partially outdated ***
Update includes - snarks- Ichy- some added sounds for bullsquid, zombie and tentacle- lowered firing sounds for turrets
Each and every sound has been cleared from hisses and scratches and heavily edited. You?ll definitely recognize all monsters from Half-Life but with a nice little spice-up ;) Don?t worry about sound-quality, just watch the video. Following enemy-types?sounds were changed- Headcrab: Changed the bite sound, otherwise just a noise clean-up and a sample rate- change- Houndeye- Vortigaunt- Bullsquid- Controller- Gargantua- Zombie: I couldn?t find a way to make original Half-Life?s zombies to sound good so I used HL2?s poisonous zombie-sounds.- Turrets: you?ll recognize a familiar beep. I also changed mechanical sounds and switched firing-sounds for more ballsier ones so they wouldn?t sound like they were bought from your neighborhood toystore.
This mod will be updated, at the latest when Xen is released.
Credits: Valve, Crowbar Collective."
54) Nostalgia Sound Pack Remastered - Weapons (by khyypio):
"** UPDATED Jan 15 2017 **
Fixed:- shotguns admire sound- Tau-cannons scripted sounds in QE
Each and every sound has been cleared from hisses and scratches and heavily edited. Don?t worry about sound-quality, just watch the video.
- Glock- 357 - Mp5 - Shotgun - Crossbow- Hivehand- RPG - Gauss- Gluon - Tripmine
Credits: Valve, Crowbar Collective."
55) CursorXP Classic Combined Sounds (by CursorXP);
56) Half-Life 2 Sound Replacement Pack (by ac3d):
Weapons:-Crowbar, swing sound replaced-MP5, glauncher sound replaced
57) Combined Sounds (Steam+Mod+HL1) (by Stalker ZHS):
"Combines sounds from the steam version, mod version, and HL1 into one pack."
58) HL2 Leak Vortigaunts (by Mr. Someguy):
"This is a sound replacement for Black Mesa. It'll replace the HL2 Vortigaunt sounds with modified Vortigaunt sounds from the HL2 leak."
CREDITS:Key Authors:Mr. Someguy (Modification and Splicing);Original Authors:Valve Corporation (Creation);Special Thanks:Black Mesa Team (Creating such a wonderful mod!);
59) NEW BMS HL1 Styled Xen Pushpad Sound (by X RaY & lambdist):
CREDITS:Key Authors:X RaY & lambdist (Sound Edit.);Original Authors:VALVe Software (Sound);
60) Marines Lips fix (by Uplo4der):
CREDITS:BMS Team;Uplo4der (Added the lips synchronization);
"This fixes the marines Lips synchronization while they are speaking."
61) Half-Life 2 Zombie Sounds (by Keltur):
CREDITS:Creator:Valve Corporation - Audio;
62) Valve-style World Sounds (by Keltur):
"This mod replaces many of the Black Mesa audio effects to make them more closely match those heard throughout the Half-Life series. Sounds replaced include the following types:
- Buttons
- Doors
- Elevators
- Alarms
- Machines (including notable ones like the Lambda Core, Anti-Mass Spectrometer, transit system, etc.)
- Environmental (flames, sparks, creaks, portals, etc.)
- Ambience (almost every soundscape is changed).
- And much more!
This mod is meant to inject a dose of Half-Life 1 familiarity into the acoustic environment of Black Mesa while simultaneously (and more importantly) making the game sound much more consistent with other Valve Source games--like notably Half-Life 2. However, not every Black Mesa sound that meets one of the categories above was replaced, because either the sound is too good to replace and/or no Valve sound exists to replace it. Also, this mod is *not* meant to be a pedantic replication of every possible Half-Life 1 sound (and the places in which they're heard), so please don't expect that."
63) BM Particle Effect Improvement pack (by DsD):
"This first collection contains improvements to the following particle sets:
Glock-Brighter and punchier flash, added a bit of smoke, and increased presence of the sparks from "wait there are sparks" to "slightly visible"
Magnum-Punchier and more centralized flash as opposed to the old mess of random flares, added a quick flaming sprite on the muzzle, prettied up the initial smoke puff, added a smooth rope-based smoke trail
MP5-Brightened up the flash, added a slight blue tinge to match the third-person flash, also added some smoke
Shotgun-Larger and punchier flash, added some small round particles to simulate buckshot bits, more/brighter sparks, smoke transitions from quick thick puff to wispier residual stuff more smoothly and naturally, wispy smoke moves and behaves a bit more naturally
RPG-Added a big initial smoke puff to the flash, residual muzzle smoke is a bit darker and wispier, projectile trail is now rope-based (more consistent and natural)
Tau Cannon-Added a muzzle flash (there wasn't one at all!), added lots more flavor and spice to the projectile impact while reining in some of the wilder and uglier orb-scattering
Gluon Gun-Initial shockwave is shorter and punchier, and now emits a quick burst of flickering orbs, flickering orbs around beam are larger, more numerous, and twist around to mirror the energy coil
Hivehand-Muzzle flash is based more around goopy liquid, projectile trail spiced up with some neat black-glowing-white bits, projectile impact now emits some buzzing orb-things, more natural -looking goop, and has a brighter, punchier flash
Stationary turret-Vastly improved muzzle flash mostly along the lines of the third-person MP5 flash, also uses way fewer particles
Generic impact-A lot more punchy and forceful, transitions into residual smoke which is a bit thicker but doesn't last quite as long, slightly larger
Metal impact-Added a bit of quick, dark smoke, brightened, enlarged, and shortened the flash
Flesh impact-A bit more emphasis on the misty stuff (more visible at a distance)
Human/alien gib effects-Added some mistsmoke to the main explosion, re-aligned the big fluid things to more clearly reflect a 360-degree explosion, added lots more detail to the bleed-out attached to gibs
One of the things I would very much like to improve is the basic explosion you see for e.g. all types of grenades, but this appears to still be the pre-2007 hardcoded explosion, meaning there isn't really anything I can do about it unfortunately
If I ever get this very un-fun bug worked out then an optimized and improved world effect set for Unforseen Consequences will be next up, which should hopefully also include other minor things here and there (possibly more improvements to the stuff in this pack)."
64) Classic Style Marines V2 (by sgtpieman):
"Despite the name and avatar change, yes, I'm sgtpieman. The guy that made the first version of this mod and the joint ops packs (though the second one I got a lot of help from M3_Lucky_Charms. If you're still out there, thanks again.
After... what? Three years? The update I once mentioned in passing to the Half-Life style hgrunt skin for Black Mesa is finally here! What all changed?
Well the camo is no longer so blurry for starters. I also changed the straps on the armor to have a tan color again. I can't remember why I made them greyscale back then. Also around the underarms and upper chest there is some very faint evidence of sweat. Also some minor dirt and grime was added all over the body, though for the most part it's just barely noticable. The gibbed body also got a new texture to be up to date with the changes the main texture file got. Technically the balaclavas are still in this file, though it'll take someone else to figure out how to change the helmets the marines wear in the steam release. Not everything is set up quite the same way as the mod from 2012, but if anyone can get it done it's the folks over at Facepunch. They already got V2 of the Joint Ops pack working.
Also, another fellow has uploaded the original Half-Life style grunts I did on the workshop already. So if you like that version better, then give it a download."
65) HL1 Style Barnacle (by Brain Dead):
"If you don't like this, there's another one here.
I probably won't update any of my already existing Black Mesa mods, though I might remake some of them in the future.
A lot of them seem to be broken now, but I'll leave them up just in case they still work for someone else."
66) Valve Theme - Hazardous Environments (Anti-Nightcore) (by Sandro Krämer):
"Original song: Hazardous Environments Half Life 2Pic:"
67) HL2 SONG10 (by Valve);
68) Long Jump Module HEV VOX (by ysrael214):
"Adds the LJM line to the pickup sound."
CREDITS:Key Authors:ysrael214 (mod author & sound editor);Original AuthorsCrowbar Collective - Black Mesa (default sound(s));Kathy Levin (voice actress of the "HEV Suit");Valve Corporation - Half-Life;
69) Gearbox Longjump Revival (by Acoma):
CREDITS:Key Authors:Acoma (mod author & sound editor);Authors:Crowbar Collective - Black Mesa (default sound(s));Gearbox Software LCC - Half-Life: Opposing Force (jump module sound);
"If you've ever played the PS2 version of Half-Life you might remember the longjump having an awesome sound play whenever you'd use it. I wanted to give a shot at making some old sounds higher quality and I remembered that I replaced my longjump sounds in black mesa with the low quality 11k Gearbox one, so i fiddled with it for a while and got it to sound acceptable and it became this."

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