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Figured out how to downgrade SC to proper supported versions for older mods. Also, some instructions on how to run Firegraft created mods.

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Make sure to have BitTorrent. Go here for the ISO>>> https //
Make sure have Daemon Tools or something similar to mount it with.
Then go here>>>
Click the
They're the same thing regardless. It will download. You will have to enter the patches manually on the Patch Installer.
Also click the
Also click the to repatch it to Blizz's Installer.
After all this is done, extract ALL these files to your downloads folder (making a new folder called downgrader or such makes moving things easier but your call.)
Get all of the extracted folders and move them to the default StarCraft Install directory.
When this is done open your SCD.ini.
Copy/Paste this code into the INI file (It is from mine directly and works)
[patches] count=19 0=05 1=07 2=08 3=08b 4=09 5=09b 6=10 7=11 8=11b 9=12b 10=13 11=13b 12=13c 13=13d 14=13e 15=13f 16=14 17=15 18=152 [mapfixes] count=0 [options] border=9 title=6 text=14 highlight=142 error=4 success=2 run=7 useregpath=1 scexe=C:\Program Files (x86)\Starcraft\
Make sure to run the Downgrader as Admin if using Vista or later.
For the gear icons, run them as Admin. Boom done.
Don't worry about the ISO either, I have checked it for everything. It's clean.


Right click StarCraft.exe >>> Properties >>> Compatibility >>> click the box Run As Admin. Also run under win 7 compat.

For Firegraft mods run them as Admin. right click (Mod Name).exe >>> Properties

Click the compatibility tab and check the run as admin.

Now double click (Mod Name).exe and if you get the pop-up to locate StarCraft.exe then click it and the mod will run.

When you want to use Bnet, just play vanilla StarCraft and go to It will download so you have 1.16.1.

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