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Mod News Round-Up for May 8th Through May 14th. Featuring, Portal Authoring Tools SDK, The Fifties, Source Media Arcade, Cross of Iron, and Blackmodule's Minecraft Suite.

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mckool - - 186 comments

I love Desura both as a mod developer and a mod user. It makes the entire experience easier!

My mod demo(Shameless plug here) The Mutant Factor has been on it for several weeks already.

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SM_Sith_Lord - - 204 comments

As a mod developer, I was very happy that Desura allowed me to set launch options for my mod. People who install my mod directly to Steam have to manually type in -window -novid as launch options, but Desura handles it all automatically for them.

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

Yes I use Desura, easily installing mods is nice. I don't see why I would spend more time then necessary on installing stuff, it's not like it's a fun thing to do :P

I also use it to purchase (obviously indie) game. Digitanks, for example, which isn't released at Steam and which was for sale two weeks ago at Desura :)

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