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Hello This article describes Extension Pack No.2 history on Moddb

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This article describes Extension Pack No.2 history on Moddb
My name is Vlad,but im known as *Pro*Vladkill1 (that guy with AI)
Today im going to tell you a story,History of Extension Pack No.2
Sorry for my bad english or if i wrote some darn things ;)

Let's get started:

History of Extension Pack No.2

After a lot of experiments and some crazy things made in Extension Pack by our team (Half-Way Studios), FailEn3myHQM ( what a nerd :D ) had an interesting idea to make a second expansion pack for Battlefield 2. We had a small group made up of 5 persons including En3my and Me of course ;) After a lot of effort that was made in Project Zombie Reality 4.3 modification,our team finally decided to make the second modification: Extension Pack No.2
When the modification was in developement,some serious confilcts happened in our team. Explosions of Ideas were everywhere,until team started to fall.2 of main helpers (
Cristian and Player008) left the team,just before Noobkiller2 kicked them.The relations were cold,and thankfully they recovered in this year.After several weeks of conflict in team,FailEn3myHQM quit developement too for being too busy to help.And then i quit just before the realease of 1st Beta due to school,then i moved to Sweden,where now i learn.Noobkiller2 was so angry,that he had a terrible regret,then he got addicted to games,because nobody were to play with him.Well,this was the last thing.He released the Beta1 by himself,but with a lot of unproperly working stuff and our special content removed.After that,Noobkiller started to learn how to mod about 1 year,so he got a bit of experience and started to make the 2nd Beta that was more stable than the older one.While it was a simple modification, popularity started to grow,then it exploded when the 3rd Beta.Extension Pack No.2 was in top 100 modifications on Moddb.That Beta introduced how much Noobkiller2 was growing in modding.After the Version 1 it began to slowly go down.Not the top or views,the modification itself.In the Version 1.5 all started to collapse,by gaining a lot of content in it,but there was no fixes due to very much requests for latest versions.After the 1.5 Version , V2 was in developement.That was the last version,before changing to Extension Pack No.3 that was based on V2 of Extension Pack No.2
But something gone wrong and the V2 was crashing and the fans were dissapointed in the last version. Noobkiller2 was desperately trying to find what was making crashes,until there he founded the problem and put a fixer on site.But users still reported very much crashes in it,so it was removed. After a lot of research,Noobkiller2 hadnt found any solution to fix 2nd Version so he left 1.5 as final one.
The project was abandoned after 2 weeks of research,for an undetermined amount of time.
Pending was about 1 year,then Noobkiller2 came back to modding.No one knews why he dissaperead by that amount of time,but its known that he was online everyday.
After he returned,he took the oldest release of the modification,Beta1 and started to repair it from a scrach,with Half-Way Studios revived,and here it goes further...
Well,that all i had to tell you everyone.The modification was a Fail.I (Vladkill) tried to fix the last version,but i failed the task.No one in Half-Way Studios was able to do that even.So the Extension Pack No.3 (Also was called Russian Campaing) was cancelled in secret and all its content was permanently deleted.Now,the Extension Pack No.2 still haves old Videos,Images and News.

Thank you for reading this History ^_^
I had to make it a lot of time so please do me a favor.Download the new Beta of our modification
That will be the best gift you ever will make for me.

Have a nice day and hope you too will refresh your memories ;)

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