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Hello my friends... since IW will not let me make a Frontlines to MW2, I'll make what I was saving for MW2 into COD4, and also probably a Frontlines version to W@W too. 5.2 will have few changes into Waves and Battlefront gametypes to avoid people play Hide & Seek instead of hold the line, and also 2 brand new gametypes, aside few other nice surprises... almost all of them are already finished or in the last steps to be completed, so the wait will not be big... any Zillion fans here? :D

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Since the Modern WarFAIL 2 revealed that will not have any modtools or even dedicated servers and we all know will be another complete disaster like MOHA some years ago, there's no point in save what I was working on to this failed game. Which I know will have another fantastic SP like any COD, but the MP will be just like the video games, small maps, few players, bad pings (specialy to someone outside EUA/Europe like myself), a chaos since doesn't have any admin on the "servers", etc, etc, etc... the problems that we ALL already know, but seams that IW don't!

So, even if they release a dedicated server later will not work fine to video game versions, since we will still have small maps, idiot game play, and I bet will not be able to have more than 16 players online. Maybe if they release patches like MOHA did with more than 4gb maybe they can fix all that shit (will be another game of course), but will be also tooooo late like was to MOHA, seams the history repeated itself.

Sooooooooo, there's no point in save what I was already working on to this dead game. Then I decided to reopen the Frontlines to COD4, and I'm already started to add all the new stuff that I planned to add in MW2. Some new features like the brand new and already famous Zillion Mode are already at our server in the beta version of Frontlines 5.2.

Frontlines 5.2 BETA

Aside that will have around 6 more brand new gametypes, almost them also created by myself which never were released anyhere before. Play them before anyone and help us to tweek them to be very well balanced like the others. Of course all of them will work in any map ever released to COD4, since they are made well.

A version to W@W seams more real right now, and probably will be released next year.


Of course! Selfish thinking ruins a perfectly good multiplayer experience yet again. I'll see you all on the frontlines.

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plz accept all.
it is about dedicated servers in MW2
it also enables mods.

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well at least we can play with enough pings with dedicated.
(as i m out of EU/USA too)

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