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Modern Combat Update involving greatly improved projectiles, new effects, a new feature called "Control Limits" relating to performance issues, and new weapons are in-game.

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Projectiles have been greatly improved. The old projectiles seen in the first update video relied upon rigid bodies for collision detection. This didn't work very well because bullets would usually glide right through most things except terrain without triggering a collision. The other problem would be with weapons such as shotguns that fire multiple projectiles at once. Projectiles would spawn in the same spot and collide with each other and causing them all to self destruct before hitting the real target.

The new method relies on a ray tracing method instead. Each frame before the bullet moves it will check with a ray trace between it's current position and the spot it will be in to check if anything is in the way before moving. This method not only works 100% of the time but probably has less of an impact on performance than rigid bodies as well.

Control limits
I have written a new versatile script that can be placed on any game object limiting the amount of that particular type of game object to be in the world simultaneously. This is useful for automatically removing effects such as decals and shell casings before too many are on screen and slowing down the game. These control limits will be modifiable in the options menu so users can customize them depending on how good their computer is.

New weapons programmed and in game

New weapons
Desert Eagle
New weapons
Pancor Jackhammer
New weapons
Mp5 SubmachineGun
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