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This article is about what has happend, what is happening and what is going to happend with this mod.

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What is happening right now

This is to explain the stuff that I am working on and what I am going to work on.

Right now I am creating the 3D models for the equipment I am going to use in the mod. This means : Weapons, Shield, helmets and armour.

The shield is done. Some of the weapons need to be changed around. Like the 2h axe.
None of the textures are 100% done at all. The only one that is closed to be done is the spear model and texture.

Right now in this moment I am working on the helmets I have planned there shall be three kind of helmets. The normal ones for infantry, a helmet for officers and the artillery helmet (Which is the one I am working on now)
After the helmet models are done I am going to work on Iron Hill Armour. The armour is going to be the same for allmost all of them. There might be some small differences, but not that big.

After the all the models are done I am going to work on the textures. I don't have that much experience, but hopefully in the end the equipment is going to look awesome.

What is this mod going to contain?

My plan which I have no idea if this is impossible for me to do... But my plans is to create:

- Dwarven spear/pikemen (Like the ones from The Hobbit)

- Dwarven Swordsmen (Equipped with shield and swords)

- Dwarven Artillery (Catapult or Ballista) (I have never done artillery so this is a perhaps)

- Dwarven Guardsmen (Eqipped with 2h axe and warhammers)

- Dwarven miners (The weakest ones) (Eqipped with Mattocks)

- Dwarven militia (Equipped with 1h axes and swords and shields)

So far I have no thoughts about creating dwarven archers or javelinmen.

The Release Date

I am going to be honest I have no idea. I am at the modeling part right now. I need texturing, I need make it work with Rome 2, I need to test it and then I need to make sure other people are able to play it aswell.
So the release is unkown.

John.M - - 1,812 comments

Looks Great! I'm looking forward to this mod:)
Dwarven Guardsmen sound defensive but their weapons are pretty aggressive!
Just my two cents, tracking!

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