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Some of the process for BetterOttomans1900, colorizing the Generals.

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Hey guys im working on BetterOttomans1900 (2.1) im about to colorize every General and Minister for the Ottomans, also erase some bugs from the National Focus Tree and i will add new images for Ottoman units like tanks and airplanes. Here some of the process right now, this is Ethem Pasha a General at the time of the great Sultan Abdulhamid II, he was with Osman Gazi Pasha in the battle of Plevlen and defeated the Greeks in the Greco-Turkish War (1897). Here is the endversion of the picture im going to add into the game:

23498679 366469603805338 1470080ethem paaa2

Here another example this time with a picture of Ali Riza Pasha who im going to add into the game as a general too:
Ali Rza PaaAli Rza Paa Colorized

Im still commited to keep it historical correct and only add Pashas into the General cader who actually where Generals in the time period the game is playing.

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