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A man has created a moddb page to announce a mans project he has been working on. A man appreciate all you taking the time to read this. A man wishes to show you all Renly and his army. This is Version 0.01 of House Baratheon of Stormsend (Renly)

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House Baratheon of Storms End (Renly)

version 0.01

A man presents: King Renly

King Renly Baratheon defending a wall

Renly Helmet Version

Renly Pikes

Renly Pikemen

Renly MAA Macemen:


Renly Sword MAA


Renly Spear MAA:


Renly Longbows:


Renly Crossbows:


Renly Stag Wardens:

Stag Wardens

Renly Outriders:


Renly Stag Knights:

Stag Knights

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