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Greetings all!

As the first news post for the mod "My Love," I wish to announce a tentative release date for the modification--September 31st of this year. Level designing has been going slow but steady--the maps aren't exceedingly complex, and the level editor makes it easy to work with. All of the major maps have been completed, but I'm still going to need time to tweak and take care of any clipping/bad design issues that keep springing up.

I am also looking for talent in the voice acting and artistic department!

I am looking for someone who is confident in their drawing abilities to make some images for the Custom Story menu and the level loading screens. I'll provide more details on what I'm looking for a bit later, as this aspect is still in the planning phase. But drop a line if you're an artist wishing to contribute!

I have been advertising in my thread at Frictional Games for voice talent, and vacancies are filling up fairly quickly! As it is, I have enough male volunteers to cover every character, but the deadline for tryouts is Saturday the 13th, so get those submissions to me quickly! There are still vacancies AND NO DEADLINE for female voice actors at the moment, so don't be shy ladies!

A list of the details for the voice acting is below. Please read the test lines for the character you desire and submit them to me!

Mary Lisner: Same as above, but mid-20's. Female.
Mrs. Lisner: Middle-Aged, Mary's mother. Female
Mrs. Krentin: Middle-Aged, Samuel's mother. Female
Martha Harrison: Mid-20's, English, from a rich family. Female.

Samuel Krentin/Narrator: Mid-20's American, from a rich family. Male
Mr. Krentin: Middle-Aged, Samuel's father. Male
Servant: Middle-Aged. Male OR Female

Samuel:"This is the dance hall. When Dad has a lot of company over, we eat and dance in here. I don't suppose you know how to dance, do you?"

"My dad doesn't always have his keys on him...let's see if we can get into his study!"

Mr. Krentin: "I take it you remember the Harrisons? You've met them a few times at one of my parties, with their daughter Martha?"

"I have important matters to take care of, Samuel. We'll discuss this another time."

(Also, give me your best, bloodcurdling scream!)

Mrs. Krentin:"Let's go back inside this instant! I thought you were better behaved then that, Samuel! Leading a young lady out into the woods like that..."

It's already 9:30 Samuel! I'm not going to call you again! Mrs. Lisner will be here any moment now! Get up you lazy boy!

Mary:"I love reading! If I owned this many books, I wouldn't rest until I read every single one cover-to-cover!"

"My dress too simple for you? Have you taken a look in a mirror?"

Martha"Samuel! You're stepping on my toes! You need to pay attention!

"This is the fifth time this week you visited her. If she's really getting better, there's no need to fret over her!"

(Also, give me your best, bloodcurdling scream!)

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