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I have some new info on the mod, including an update on the release date, and a new 'system' for updating this page with news, and some extra information on the mod itself.

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I know it has been a very long time since my last update, and I am sorry about that. With school now in full swing and most large beginning of the year projects over, I am starting to get more time to work on the mod. I have done a few bug fixes and minor changes to weapon damages and ammo amounts. I have also done a complete re-working of the kits. The new layouts are:

(New kit names are still being worked on):

Survivors (EU):


1. Best Buy Rifle
2. EU Small Machine Gun
3. Lambert Carbine
4. Deployable Sentry Gun
5. APM Mine
6. EU Sniper
7. Advanced Sniper (Zeller)
8. RDX


1. Best Buy Rifle
2. PAC Assault Rifle
3. Medic Hub
4. Defibrilator
5. Voss LAR
6. Frag Grenade
7. Baur HAR
8. Voss LAR Shotgun


1. Best Buy Rifle
2. EU Small Machine Gun
3. Clark 15B Shotgun
4. Ammo Hub
5. EU Machine Gun
6. Ganz HMG
7. Frag Grenade
8. Sentry Drone


1. Best Buy Rifle
2. EU Small Machine Gun
3. EU Rocket Launcher
4. (Subject to Change) Ammo Hub
5. Portable Shield
6. EU Assault Rifle
7. Frag Grenade
8. Sentry Drone

Zombies (PAC)

1. Claws

1. Claws
2. Goo Blade

1. Claws

1. Claws
2. Bloody Blade

Well for news on the release date: I am planning to release the mod once 2142 patch 1.51 has been released. It is currently in a public beta, and once it is released I will check to make sure the mod still works correctly on it, and if it does, release it as soon as possible after that. I will release it in a similar fashion as last time. First, a main release with a couple of maps, then a separate map pack with the vanilla 2142 maps. After a few days of the release, if all seems to be going well I will release the other map pack(s). If needed, I will also release a patch with quick fixes if small problems do pop up.

I have decided that unless something 'big' happens (such as a release, major issue, or other big thing), I will update the page with an update like this once a month. I will continue to add media throughout the month however, not just during the updates.

There is one last thing however. With my next release, and my available time for the mod getting less and less, I am considering making it my last and final release. I have done just about all I can for the mod, and there is not much else that I wish or to add, or have ideas for adding. I will provide more information about my decision at the next update or release.

That is all for this update, however look for more media coming in the next days and weeks leading up to the hopefully soon release of the 2142 patch 1.51 final, and then the release of Tofu Zombies 1.0 Final.


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