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Well it's been a while. In that while I've been doing loads of stuff, almost nothing in terms of modding though.

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Dear fans, Has been a while since I updated moddb. Or done anything with modding actually. I'm sorry to say that, no actually I am not. Have been having quite the number of real life issues:
I have to actually start doing stuff for school if I'm to stay on my current level, already dropped 2 levels in the last 4 years by doing nothing but if I don't start actually working soon I wont have anything left.

I've been growing closer and closer to my girlfriend and I still prefer to spend an afternoon with her than fixing code problems. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also all free time I've had besides both these (which is not a lot) I have poured into either drawing or starcraft II.

Now it's time to wrap up a half decent version to uploading. Have been half - half thinking of what I can actually do. Thanks to Burntstrobe I now have a functional 3ds max again so that definitly helps out. I want to release something, so that I can decide I want to either sit back and stop working on this project or I want to continue work on it. This has to much time, blood and tears put into it to just let it die without a final version. I am however sure that if it stays only me actively modding that I will not do anything with ground. Space only.

I'm very tempted to leave out things that are either half finished or not even started. (like mercenaries or for example the sith military frigate by Azwraith). Burntstrobe might be able to finish the Republic Starbase by himself (made by Azwraith too) so that WILL be included:

Other than that there's not much else to talk about other than I'm going to start modding again.

Wolf186 - - 273 comments

Life is more important

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u-raptor - - 542 comments

wait, the mod is cancelled or your freezing it, putting it on hold, or just giving updates slower, im confused :/

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u-raptor - - 542 comments

y did i get -3, i was just asking, i read the article but was confused, im sorry :(

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Sanguinius - - 5,719 comments

Well its true the real life is more important but i think you should not cancel the mod, if you can't work on it anymore give it to someone you trust will finish it. It would be really sad for such a great mod to die without reaching its full potential...just look at RaW, we waited so long, it had so many problems but still it was finished and we were amazed. Just take your time, even if it takes 1 more year, don't give up.

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo - - 6,764 comments

I'm going to finish up something playable and release that, after that I'll decide what I want to do next.

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Jaywolf359 - - 81 comments

It'd be cool if you could continue and finish the mod.... however, live your life the way you want and do what you think you should.

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blargtroll - - 308 comments

That republic starbase looks better than what bioware decided to use for TOR.

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Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

Some mods have been in developement 5-10 years or so. Why rush it take your time, and enjoy life.

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Executor-64- - - 1,288 comments

life's a biach

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