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Little bit of a more up to date news article. Felt that that was required after so long of no new news articles.

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Little bit of an update on what's currently happen:

As you might have noticed work has started on a functional ground combat system. This isn't going to include anything fancy, just the units, most upgrades wont work, no new voices and no in depth combat system. Currently me and EmperorNiko (who's been a huge help in setting everything up, he's done more for ground combat than I have at this point) are working on the ground units, trying to get them all to function correctly, not to even speak of balancing everything. Now that exams are done and finished moving (mostly) I hope to have a lot more time for modding, in which I'm going to try to work on ORAW more, on the side I also have some commissions that I have to finish up. I'm also not going to redo any more of the already existing models untill I get the mod released to the public in a functional state, since that's just spending time perfecting things that're already functional.

There you go, that's the bulk of it. Now back to work.

Selon - - 92 comments

You are on the way to create the best EaW with this decision. Thank you!

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7ty7 - - 785 comments

Thanks for the update.

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JayTheGam3r - - 1,869 comments

Just seeing this update in my alerts gave me tingles

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flavivsaetivs - - 93 comments

Sounds like a plan.

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jesse220 - - 299 comments


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jennaida - - 6 comments

Yes, please add ground combat! ^_^

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