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Infomation apon Evolution, Homeworld 2 Issues, Evolution "Mod Team" Recruitment for the later future.

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Hello my followers and friends. I am here to say a few things about Evolution.

Evolution's Status

Evolution for Homeworld 2

Evolution Recruitment!
First off the Status on Evolution, I have put Evolution I aside so I can work on Evolution II's Table Edits and that crap so I have Evolution II's Main Base ready by the time Evolution I is released. At this moment Evolution I's Estimated Release will be around Decemeber/January. This is not exact and may not be true so please dont be praying.

Evolution for Homeworld 2 has been canceled due to the fact that Bloodfleet hasnt done anything and my Homeworld 2 is broken.

Evolution Recruitment!
Yes I am Recruiting people to help me or do some modding/freding im unable to do. After all I am a noob with a creative mind. The following jobs for Evolution I and its Expansion are:

FREDer: Open
Modder: Open
Proofreader or Editior: Opened and REQUIRED BEFORE RELEASE
Mission Design: Partly Opened

Evolution II:

FREDer: Open
Beta Tester: Open
Modder: Open
Some guy to make Textures and Backgrounds: Opened
Proofreader or Editor: Opened and REQUIRED BEFORE RELEASE
Mission Design: Opened
Table Editor: Opened
Storyline: Opened (Need a Final Story line before designing the missions)

Now, Post a Comment below stating the following infomation if you are interested:

Infomation on what job you are willing to do and how good you are at it
and if you are willing to stay with us for any future mods or just for Evolution I or II.

Please, I could use the help. Thank you and I am out: PEACE

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