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After playing a few other mods namely Old Republic at War and Republic at War, i have decided to rework the units in the mod for more strategy. Below is the new idea im working with.

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After playing a few other mods namely Old Republic at War and Republic at War, i have decided to rework the units in the mod for more strategy.Below is the new idea im working with.

Sith Knights Order of the Galactic Republic
The Idea for the Knights is to focus on building fleets of multiple vessel types instead of just spamming Venators
Unique to Faction
Fastest Reloading Lasers

Sith Fighter - Basic Interceptor
Sith Bomber - Basic Bomber
Arc-170 - Advanced Fighter
V-Wing - Advanced Fighter/Bomber
ETA-3 - Super Advanced Interceptor
Assassin-class - Fast Anti-Fighter/Corvette Corvette (Power to Engines)
Crucible-class - Remove
Stealth Corvette - Stealth Shield Breaker (Stealth/Barrage)
Counselor-class - Fast Light Frigate (Power to Engines/Point Defense Laser)
Arquitens-class - Basic Frigate (Power to Weapons)
Acclamator-class - Heavy Frigate
Lightning-class - Ion Support Frigate (Super Charge Ion Cannons - Swap Weapon)
Mk.2-class - Fast Assault Frigate (Power to Shields)
Interdictor-II-class - Long Ranged Support Frigate (Missile Jam/Interdict)
Defender-class - Fast High-Power Frigate (Point Defense Laser/Power to Engines)
Sith Destroyer - Basic Cruiser - (Tractor Beam)
Justice-class - Heavy Cruiser - (Overload - Draw all power from the engines and shields to quintuple the firing speed of the weapons)
Venator-class - Long Range Support (Beam Weapon)
Darkside-class - Super Defense Cruiser (Power to Shields)
Freedom-class - Dreadnaught

Omega Fleet of the Confederacy
Omega will stay nearly the same in strategy. Swarms of droids and large well armored ships to out last the enemy.
Unique to Faction
Large Hangers
Ion Cannon on All Cruisers

Vulture Droid - Basic Fighter (Buzz Droids)
Hyena Droid - Basic Bomber (Buzz Droids)
Tri-Droid - Basic Interceptor (Buzz Droids)
Trireme-class - Basic Corvette
Diamond-class - Heavy Corvette (Point Defense Laser)
Wavecrest-class - Basic Frigate (Power to Weapons)
Techno Union Frigate - Support Frigate
X-class - Fast Assault Frigate (Power to Engines)
Munificent-class - Basic Cruiser
Recusant-class - Heavy Cruiser
Providence-class Cruiser - Support Cruiser
Lucrehulk-class - Super Carrier (Repair Field)
Providence-class Battleship - Dreadnaught

Alliance of Free Races (Black Alliance)
Has an early advantage of low cost and later gains the strongest dreadnaught.
Unique to Faction
Mass Driver
Self Destruct on all ships

Dagger Starfighter - Basic Interceptor
Morningstar A - Armored Interceptor
Morningstar B - Armored Bomber
Dianoga Fighter - Fighter-Bomber
Hutt Dagger - Basic Fighter
Gauntlet - Advanced Interceptor
Longhorn-class - Basic Corvette (Sensor Jam)
Gozanti-class - Anti-Light Corvette (Power to Weapons)
Jehavey-class - Shield Breaking Light Frigate (Barrage)
Praetorian-class - Light Support Frigate (Cluster Bomb)
Hammerhead-class - Close Quarters Frigate (Power to Weapons)
Chasemaster-class - Fast Artillery Frigate (Power to Engines)
Thranta-class - Heavy Frigate (Stealth)
Minstrel-class - Heavy Armored Frigate (Point Defense Laser)
Templar-class - High-Speed Armored Cruiser (Power to Engine)
Dreadnaught-class - Armored Heavy Cruiser
Kyr'am kal - Dreadnaught

Nearly all mid-sized frigates will no long have targetable hardpoints.
All hardpoints, armor, shields and projectiles are being reworked.
Slowed the projectiles a little from what i had them at.
resizing units.

Thank You


Wait why would mass driver be unique?

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EmperorNiko Author

I have not seen any republic or CIS ship use mass weapons. Flak yes but no Mass Driver.

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