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A New day,a new mod and a brand new fun game exepirince

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As you know, this is a brand new mod. It will focus on all the Clone Wars Episodes in The Animated Series. The ZC will be elimated from this mod, The Rebels will be in the future Bonus Campaign. The Campaign Mode will not work, so don't run it or else your computer will crash or exlpode, it will want it to crash or exlpode play it at YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be reponsible if you blow up your computer because I gave you a BIG WARNIG. This mod is all a Galactic Conquest Mod.

You will be either playing as the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) or the Seperatists (CIS). You will play thought all the troops, vehicles and ships of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) or the Seperatists (CIS). But it not so simple to get throught the Episodes and Bonus Missions, you'll need to conquer a few planets in order to get to the planet(s) where the episode takes place and the heros required with the mission.

There will be 5 packs or 6 (if there is a Season 4). Pack 1 will be all the Season 1 Episodes plus 3 bonus never happenned missions and The Clone Wars Movie missions. Pack 2 will be all the Season 2 Episodes and maybe 5 bonus missions. Pack 3 will be all the Season 3 Episodes and 10 Bonus Missions.
Pack 4 will be after the Clone Wars Animated Series and in the missions close to the Battle of Courusant. Pack 5 will during the Development of the Empire. You will play either as the Early Rebels and the Surviving Jedi or the Empire. Pack 1 is scheled to release this year. The Demo will realease in 1 to 4 Months. It will include the first 4 Episodes of Season 1.

See you next new news will have !


Anyway, i will try campaign,.. i hope my computer will explode.

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