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it plays well with hl steam and hl won , you can make windows or linux dedicated server with , it has multiplayer maps from valve , gearbox and others .

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at least : mod is done . it plays well with hl steam and hl won , you can make windows or linux dedicated server with , it has multiplayer maps from valve and gearbox because i used opt_plns.exe from : XP-Cagey's thirteenth modified release of Merl's 1.7 build of the half life compile tools .
as an example i use map ba_xen2.bsp of blue-shift , program shows a line :
planes 32716/32767 654320/655340 (99.8)VERY FULL!
after working on map it writes "incredible things" ;] :
Planes in map: 32716
Planes actually used: 10824

i make it in two versions :
low-definition and high-definition models ( low-definition is perfect for server ).

opposing life2life with hd models requires 500 Mo of free ram ; archive is oplife_final_hd_7z.exe : 308 Mo , 909 Mo of files that use 1 Go of hd .

opposing life2life with ld models requires 250 Mo of free ram ; archive is oplife_final_ld_7z.exe : 264 Mo , 764 Mo of files that use 868 Mo of hd .

first of all : big thanks to all people who made mods and models that are used in this one .
that means :

Arrange Mode : ReBirth
Azure Sheep
Blue Shift
DiamonD Half Life
Escape from the Darkness
Heart of Evil Napalm Edition
Operation Black Thunder
Opposing Force & Redux
Residual Point
Sven Co-op
Sweet Half-Life
Todesangst 2
Wilson Chronicles .

There is a special thanks to the mod Half-Life: Visitors for letting me use the three first maps .

to make the mod i also used two wonderfull tools :
Entdata optimizer tool and opt_plns . they managed to reduce size of maps of 9103725 bytes for the multiplayer one's and 15978972 bytes for the single player one's , so it is around 150 ko per maps . with the use of them both the jaba_tv does no longer crash under windows after few minutes .

the folder cfg_server contains files and folders that are needed for some of metamod plugins . linux and windows contain files for the oplife folder . if you use w aka webmod and jaba_tv you will need to edit "" in the file to point to your server ip .

to set up a dedicated server with hldsupdatetool.exe , make it for valve , after you can delete the valve folder ; the gearbox folder is needed for the use of jk_botti bots .
i advise to use the low-definition version of mod for the server .

to launch server or game : hl.exe , hlds.exe or ./hlds_run -game oplife +map op4ctf_crash.bsp -insecure +maxplayers 32 -netthread -num_edicts 4096 -heapsize 470719
with windows programs : -noipx

the value for heapsize is the maximum that hl.exe of won can have .
most of object i added are not solids because they were not in map at the time of compilation , i ll see if new dlls can be made to solve that and ask Gearbox & Valve about recompiling maps .

have some fun

sixcentgeorge Author

i found that the file lasersight_mm.ini in addons\lasersight folder is having an error : replace [oplifehd] with [oplife]

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sixcentgeorge Author

same edit should be done with wrecoil_mm.ini in oplife folder .

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sixcentgeorge Author

one update has been made and a file for linux also .
all files are uploaded at moddb website and at .

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