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E.T. - Sound import - Weapons recreating - Races - Hardpoints (maybe)
Fagu_Aegeis - Ship import - Hardpoints (maybe)
SiD (maybe) - Balancing


Races that you can play with:
Nomads (maybe, if transparency works)


In the beta, fighters' weapons will be exactly like the original HW 2 with different colors but, for the full release, we'll recreate all the weapons like they are.


Needs ideas!
Battleships, Cruisers and Gunboats will have a guns, missiles and flaks loadout.
For fighters, we actually tought adding 2 missile launchers and all other would be guns.
Weapons will be added according to the ship.
Ex: Patriot - Justice
Defender - Vengence


Liberty example:
Patriot (PLF) - Scout
Patriot - Light Fighter
Defender - Heavy Fighter/Interceptor
Liberator - VHF/Bomber

Starting base:

Needs ideas!
Maybe a shipyard...


Races - 0%
Sounds - 25% (got problem with engines sound conversion )
Ships - 35%
Weapons - 0%

If you are willing to join the team, you are free to do so :P
You'll learn how to mod HW 2 at the same time as us.
Feel free to post your ideas to make the mod better.

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