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Firebird is a good balance of realism and arcade gameplay.

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Firebird brings Battlefield 2 into the 21st century with more realistic gameplay while still maintaining the fun and quirky parts of the game that we all love. All levels are single-player, co-op, and multiplayer ready and I am continuously working on making the game better. There are tons of new, high-quality weapons, models, sounds and effects, and over 100 levels to play on. Many parts of the game have been changed to make it more realistic, like removing the hit indicators so you need to look for blood to see if you hit someone, the velocity of the bullets and rockets are more realistic as well as the weapon damage but not so realistic that the game is unbalanced. The ai is more intelligent and firebird is a blast to play.

  • Vehicles

The vehicles in Firebird have been extensively modified to have more realistic armament and the weapons have more realistic trajectories. There are lots of new high poly vehicles and many have modern armament and realistic defense mechanisms such as a rocket tracking HUD. I have added overheating to most vehicles to balance the gameplay better and make it harder to go on a killing spree. Tanks and APC/IFV all zoom in and are capable of engaging and killing targets at medium to long distances but the land vehicles are only slightly faster than the vanilla game to balance the game better and make it more realistic and showing up late to the fight. Infantry screens are important to utilize, just like in the real world. Most vehicles include thermal imaging just like the real ones.

  • Weapons

The weapons have been heavily modified to have more realistic handling and the damage has been modified to reflect their real ammunition while retaining the arcade-type balanced gameplay. The snipers have much higher damage making the kits more effective and the heavy machine guns will often kill players with one hit. Lmg, Hmg, planes, helicopters, and snipers have a suppression effect that makes your ears ring and the camera blurry and shake so it's hard to aim. The bullets use tracers but not excessively and are similar in size to real ones.

  • Sounds and Effects

The low detail sounds have been replaced with better sounding, more realistic ones, and the volume and distance have been modified to be more realistic so the game is more immersive. The effects are high resolution and make the game feel much more real and spectacular.

  • AI

Bots ai have been modified to play more like real soldiers and maintain the objective-based squad-level gameplay while taking control points but they also flank and aren't afraid of a firefight. The weapon AI has been modified so the bots can hold their own against vehicles and have medium to long-range firefights.

  • Levels

All levels have been heavily modified to reflect the realistic approach to the game while still being fun to play, there are over 100 different maps and most of them are large open-world environments and all of them are able to be played in single-player. Instead of including night vision, I have tweaked the lighting on night maps so you can still see without night vision goggles to balance the game better.

  • Gameplay

Firebird is a vehicle-heavy mod and many maps have the gameplay based around using vehicles but I have worked hard to make every level balanced and playable as infantry, vehicles, or planes/helicopters. Infantry units aren't defenseless against vehicles and making it challenging to drive a vehicle into a base and go on a killing spree. Bots shoot at helicopters with rockets and use stationary weapons making them even more lethal.

If you make a video and want it featured on this page with a link to your profile let me know and if I like it I'll add it here

Multiplayer is supported since v2.0.

To use the unlocks in singleplayer you will need to download "Unlocks" and follow the instructions to install.

Discord Server for discussing problems and suggesting future content is "Firebird Development and Gameplay" Discord LINK:

Most of the content in Firebird is created by others and modified by me and I have done my best to credit everyone who contributed. If I forgot you or someone you know, please let me know and I will credit you.

A HUGE thanks to the modders who created this content, and have helped teach me how to mod. PonysarusRex, PR team, AIX, Jones, Kanos, develop013, Demonfrompripiat, MariusMaximus, Alpha Project team, N@W team, Clivewell, MasterChiefRulez, SatNav, LT-Fred, Dickie, and many others. Without you, this mod wouldn't be possible. I know I missed a lot of you so message me and I'll add you to the credits


Awesome mod!! Good balance of arcade and realism :)

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