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About the new mod db profile and a list of needed skills.

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Hi, I'm Psy_Commando this mod's founder. I was finally able to set up a moddb page, after much time debating whether it was time or not to do it.

Well I think it is time, my work on the micro-proof of concept mod is 1/3 done, and I will soon need to assemble a small team. Not that I couldn't do the whole mod by myself, but I'd like to finish it before 2070...

All right, so if by any chances you're interested in working on this project, here is what kind of help I'm looking for so far.
Those are simply skills I'm looking for, not individual persons, the more skills you have the better:

Urgently Needed skills:

  • Manager: *We're good for now*
    • Description: A person that can manage the mod and handle the more organizational part of building a mod. This person would need to keep everyone on-schedule, keep everyone in contact, organize team chats meetings. Long story short, this person manage the time and personnel.
  • Character Modeler / Animator
    • Description: A person who is capable of modeling humanoid characters from scratch. Being able to rig, uv unwrap, texture, and animate is definitely welcome Experience is a must.
  • Modeler / Texture Artist :
    • Description: I'd need someone with good 3d modeling skills to model props, ships, weapons, etc. This person should be able to texture its models.
  • Level Designer : *We're good for now*
    • Description: A person familiar with Hammer that has experience in making maps in any source based game. Having followed, or following level design course is a big big plus.
  • Writer/Scenarist : *We're good for now*
    • Description: A person with experience writing, preferably fan fictions. This person should be able to make a character lovable or repulsive, and play with the feelings of the reader. This person should be able to build upon what someone has already started. Possessing knowledge about how acting, and movie scenes works is a big plus.
  • Choreograph:
    • Description: A person who has experience with using faceposer and other valve tools for animating characters discussions and etc... Experience from a machinima project is a plus.
  • Concept Artist:
    • Description: Someone that can draw well, and can handle perspectives.

Not essential but welcome skills :

  • Coder:
    • Description: Someone familiar with the source engine and coding, who could handle some programming of entities, weapons, etc... Being a mathematical god is a huge plus!! If you're familiar with the alien swarm sdk that's also a plus.

Of course I'll have to ask you examples of your work before I accept your offer.
If you want to be a part of team and have a skill that's not listed here, you may submit as well, if you think your skills would be useful, or if you think you can contribute to this mod in any ways.

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