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The mod went bankrupt, sold to over 17 experts continue to Historia

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Hello STALKERS I have bad news, and I'll explain part by part
1: Mod failed! Cause: There we had enough people to continue the mod was 90% to Faculty 2: The Mod continued? By who? When: At stalkerfantasma he will continue Survival Hard but with another name and other characteristics 3: It will be the same story as you would do: Yes, he will acresentar he and expert mods 100% better than me, I guarantee 4: The mod will take to exit: No, he already will post the Pre-Alpha version, so you guys enjoy possao New Story 5: How many people are in his group: 17 people and they are paid, 6: What did you do to anger abandon the mod: I will stop doing mods for Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat to do 7: It does not College and his group and formed into various things. 8: You want to help them: No, as I said I will continue mods for Call of Pripyat So what I'm asking "The questions were asked by people on Twiter"
!!!!!! Excuse me but now the mod is in the hands of experts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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