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Dev Diary, Mod Announcement, and call for recruitment

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Hello again! I hope you are enjoying our adventure!

First of all, I wanted to make clear that we are aware of some of the multiplayer issues that Enedwaith seem to be having, and we wanted you to know that we are hard at work and are close to having resolved the issue! We likely won't release the fixed version until we're ready for the Ice Tribes of Lossoth as well though.

Secondly, we still intend to add Lossoth into the mod as a playable faction as soon as possible, but it could be some time before we release our last multiplayer-only build which will also happen to be our first official version!

Thirdly, we never intended to have a campaign in our mod, but due to the growing number of requests for one, we have decided to make one! In honor of this momentous decision for our mod, we decided to change our name from "Ultimate Compilation Mod" to " Third Age Total War: Wars of Arda" to reflect the change in our goals. This will take time however, which brings me to my next point: development.

This is the driving reason why I write to you today: we at WoA are in desperate need of more developers if we're ever going to get this done in a timely manner. I believe that I will be capable of tackling a campaign, but I will need assistance specifically in the creation and implementation of models. We're looking to overhaul Dunland's roster and will need unique character models, as well as strategy models, banners, symbols, and unit cards and descriptions. Even the ability and dedication to do one of those will expedite our progress immeasurably, and we can have a mod that will be balanced for multiplayer and campaign: a rare thing indeed in the TATW community!

If you possess such a skillset, or don't mind reading the tutorials necessary to learn/are willing to allow me to teach you some of what I know; and you are interested in becoming a mod developer of an ever-growing mod, then I encourage you to message me on Discord and we can get you squared away! The time commitment isn't really a huge issue at all, as I'm pretty laid back about when we get things done, just as long as some progress is being made.

Until we meet again for our next adventure!


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