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Mobsters has an update for you all we've updated our site with a couple screenshots of the sawn off shotgun by Alpha and here is a new design document for you all to chow down it's a long read but I've gone through and given a better description of the game styles for you all and a better weapons list.

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Mobsters has an update for you all we've updated our site with a couple screenshots of the sawn off shotgun by Alpha and here is a new design document for you all to chow down it's a long read but I've gone through and given a better description of the game styles for you all and a better weapons list.

On a side note we are still looking for a couple of good weapons, character and car modellers for the team. Each person that joins will be given a breif overview of what they will be modelling and what the intentional look for it will be. If you are interested in joining the team contact me at

Half-Life² : Mobsters Design Document v.1

By: Jason Kerr - Mobsters Development Team Lead & Lead Mapper.

Mobsters will be a First-Person Shooter modification for Half-Life 2. There are three main game types that we will be exploring and variety of levels for each. The three main types of game play that will be released with the first version of the game will be Assassination, Prison Escape, and Robbery.

Game Types:


In this type of game play the user will join either the Cops or the Mobsters, and then will re-spawn and either have to protect their Mayor, police chief, etc. from being assassinated or assassinate the Don or Mob boss. The mobsters will have to guard the AI controlled gangster leaders from an onslaught of FBI, whose sole aim is to take down the target. Levels will include lavish Hotels to small town houses and apartments on the streets of New York, Chicago and England. In this feature there will be a limited arsenal for both teams. The Police unfortunately won't have the ideal weaponry for assassination and will have to find unconventional means of assassination. The Mobsters on the other hand will have Molotov cocktails and sticks of dynamite to blow up the cars that these people are traveling in.

Bank Robbery

In this type of game play the user will be have the same options of either joining the Cops or the Mobsters. After re-spawning into a new round the players on the Police force will be at the police station and will be alerted of where the bank robbery is taking place.

Police Force

The police will have four types of vehicles that will be allowed to be taken to the robbery site. The first type will be the normal police car, equipped with sirens, 2 shotguns and 2 sets of armor in the trunk. The second type of police car will be the K-9 unit car. This is an optional car that can be taken. There is an optional dog in the back of the car and you can use the dog (K-9 unit explained in weaponry) to track the Mobsters as they are fleeing from the robbery scene. The third will be an armored vehicle of the 1930's era. The last type of vehicle is the paddy wagon this will be taken if the cops desire to take a mobster prisoner. If this car is not taken the the officers can not taken in more then one mobster at a time (or however many cop cars are taken). The advantages of the police taking Mobsters prisoner will be that they will have access to the weaponry of the mobster team (other then picking it off the street from a dead body). You will also gain the cash that will be put towards the police force, giving them access to better weaponry, amour and cars.


The Mobsters will re-spawn at the bank that will be their first target. They will be given enough cars outside of the bank to get away with, but, if they get to greedy and the cops arrive before they can get away and get into the vault. Then the Mobsters will have to run away or struggle with getting a car out of police barricades. The Mobsters will be ailed with the fact that the more money they carry away for their Boss, the slower they will run. The mobsters will start with lower end weaponry in the first round, pistols, dual pistols and a rifles. The more money and the better job they do for the Don will reflect in what they are given in the second round when they are given a bank to rob and they have to get there. If the mobsters do not gain enough money from the first bank robbery then they will not be able to afford cars to get to the next bank, or enough cars to get everyone to the bank. The less money you get from the first robbery will mean that the bank will be closer to the Mobster hide out so that they have a chance to get good enough weaponry to survive.

Jail Break

The third type of map style is Jail Break. A type of game play that will see the revolt of the prisoners and an attempt at escaping.

Police Force

The police force will have different arsenal of weaponry to your choice, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns and much more. The job of the police force is to keep the prison inmates from escaping. They will re-spawn in towers, in jail corridors and other random places in the jail, and after a certain amount of time the riot will start. Police officers will have to run to different locations to grab the weaponry, you will not buy it but it will be situated in an area that will help the area. i.e. if you are in the yard and in a tower on the wall you will have access to sniper rifles. If you are on the inside of the prison you'll have access to shotguns and pistols. One person will be given the warden designation. This will give the most experienced player in the server the warden position so that he knows where to take the keys to help the team the most. The warden can lock certain sections of the jail as well as has access to supply rooms. He can be taken prisoner. The warden will have bodyguards when the riot takes place.


The mobsters will re-spawn in a jail cell and when the gates open they can use anything they can find to bust out of the jail cell. Garbage cans, chairs, mops, brooms, stuff in the weight. Whatever is physically possible to throw they can use. You can pick up weapons of police officers you kill but it will take more then just throwing the garbage can at him once to kill him. You will have to use unconventional means and a couple of team members to escape. The emphasis is on the Mobsters to work together to escape and win the round.


Clipped Pistols:

Colt m1911:
Length: 216 mm (8,5"), Weight: 1,1 kg (39 oz), Barrel: 127 mm (5"), Caliber: .45 ACP, Rifling: 6 groove, l/hand, Capacity: seven, Date of birth: 1911

Colt m1903.
Single Action, Semi-automatic pistol, Chamber: 9x20mm SR Browning Long, 7.65x17mm SR Browning (.32ACP), Weight unloaded: 930 g, Length: 205 mm, Barrel length: 127 mm, Capacity: 7 rounds (9mm) or 8 rounds (7.65mm)

Browning m1910/ m1922
Single Action, Chamber: 7.65x17mm Browning (.32ACP) and 9x17mm Browning(.380ACP), Weight unloaded: model 1910 - ca. 590 g; model 1922 - ca. 700 g , Length: model 1910 - 153 mm; model 1922 - 178 mm, Barrel length: model 1910 - 88 mm; model 1922 - 113 mm, Capacity: model 1910 - 7 (7.65mm) or 6 (9mm) rounds; model 1922 - 9 (7.65mm) or 8 (9mm) rounds

6 Chambers Pistols:

Colt Police Positive.
Developed during the 1930s, the Police Positive revolver is one of the most common police weapons in the world. its the standard handgun for a policeman or a plain-clothe detective.
OCV: +0 R MOD: +0 DAM: 1D6+1K (4DC) STUN X: 1D6-1 STR MIN: 9 PER MOD: +2 SHOTS: 6

Colt Detective Special.
Developed during the 1930s, the Detective Special is simply the snub-nosed version of the Colt Police Positive revolver.
OCV: +0 R MOD: -2 DAM: 1D6+1 (4DC) STUN X: 1D6-1 STR MIN:9 PER MOD: +1 SHOTS:6 NOTES: +1 to fast-draw

Smith and Wesson M27.
The S&W M27 was designed in the 1930s and was the first firearm to use the .357 Magnum cartridge. It reigned supreme as the most powerful revolver in the world until the 1950s.
OCV: +1 R MOD: +0 DAM: 1.5D6 (5DC) STUN X: 1D6-1 STR MIN: 10 PER MOD:+2 SHOTS: 6


Winchester Model 54.
.30-06 cal. bolt action rifle. Mfg. 1929

Winchester Model 1907.
.351 auto. rifle. Extended 15 shot mag.

Argentino 1909 Cal. 280 REM.
Mauser, Model Argentino 1909, Deutsch Waffen-Und Berlin Munitions Factory, Cal 280 Rem. S

Machine Gun:

Thompson Sub-Machine Gun.
Overall length of gun with stock: 33 ¾", Overall length of gun without stock:25 ¼", Weight (without magazine): 10 lbs, Weight of gun with drum magazine, loaded:50 rounds: 14 3/4 lbs., Weight of gun with box magazine, loaded 20 rounds: 11 1/4 lbs.30 rounds: 11 3/4 lbs. Barrel length without Cutts compensator: 10 1/4". Barrel length with Cutts compensator: 12 1/2". Rifling, right-hand one turn in 16". Rate of fire, semi-automatic (single-aimed shots) per minute: Up to 100. Cyclic rate of fire, fully automatic (approx.) 700 rnds. per min. Back sight adjustable slide on leaf graduated 50-600 yards.
Double Barrelled Sawed off shotgun.
Merkel Model 47E - Side by Side (SxS) Shotgun
Lengths: 12 and 16 gauge-28 inch/710mm, 20 and 28 gauge-26 3/4 inch/680mm or 28 inch/710mm, Bores: 12 gauge-3 inch chambers, 16 gauge-2 3/4 inch chambers,20 gauge-3 inch chambers, Weight: 12 and 16 gauge approximately 6.8 lb./3.1 kg, 20 gauge approximately 5.9 lb./2.7 kg.

Molotov Cocktail + Zippo.

Misc. Weapons:

Billy Club - Primary weapon for the cops.(on all maps.)

Baseball Bat - Primary weapon for the Mobsters (on non-prison break maps.)

Chloroform - Will be a primary weapon obtained from drug stores and the Don's.

K-9 Unit - This will not be a weapon but it will be used as a tracker and will cause damage when it has reached the person that it is searching for. (Minimal damage, but just to keep the Mobster from running away).

There will be different list of misc. weapons for prison break maps as you can use anything that you see as a weapon.

Garbage pail
Mop buckets
Beds. (can be used for cover against the force of the bullets, a shield).
Forks, knives, spoons.

When more elements are added into maps (i.e we have the editors we will have a much clearer idea of which items in maps will be used as weapons.)


Alcatraz will be our main prison break map and there will also be other famous jails around the world that will be used as prison breaks for people that want a smaller server and less people. These jails will act as a more private game.

Other game styles will take place in various Mobster populated cities. Some of these cities will be New York, Chicago and also in London England.


© Copyright 2003 Jolt Online Gaming and HL: Mobsters team.
All notes taken in this document are property and ideas of
HL: Mobsters and are not to be used without the consent of the Team.

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I just skimmed it, but prison break sounds really fun.

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