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Just an update on our progress of matters with controls, and ponderin.

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Mobile Controls and Fixed Angles

Today is a big day for us at Square Games, we actually have all of our mobile controls fully functioning! That is a huge blessing as we were having all sorts of bugs and annoyances, and we might have lost some hair, but it's bound to grow back (right?).

Friends make a difference* Lighting/Colors

One thing we're trying to decide on is fixed angle vs. not. Fixed means the square (Jeffery), does not rotate at all, and it looks strange on rotating platforms or angled ground, etc. Having it not on a fixed angle means if most of him tips off an edge, he can start spinning ridiculously, or you might be looking at him from a side, (which isn't noticeable until you have a skin on...) What do you think? Would you like to see a Fixed angle, or not a fixed angle, so you can entertain yourself rolling around? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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