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This releases includes new duel presets and reworked Shamans and Witches. It also fixes several critical bugs.

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This article introduces changes that have been done in Updates 2.1 and 2.2


First, the number of ultimates has been increased to 19, each for every skill.
Additionally, the starting skills of all heroes have been reworked:

skillwheel 2

The skill Curses has been completely reworked and simplified. It now curses other heroes with the Helm of Chaos:


The ultimates of Light, Dark and Summoning now replace T6 units in your army with Avatars of Life, Death and Creation!

avico1 avico3 avico2

The creature models have been borrowed from the mod Chaos Theory. I am very thankful to their author for granting me permission to reuse them!

avatar2 avatar1

(The third creature being the Phoenix for now.)


Another exciting change are reworked duel presets, where you can now try out every single ultimate and also many of the heroes that got new specializations:

duelset3duelset2 1duelset1


Additionally, the Stronghold hero classes - Shamans and Witches - have been reworked. Each hero now has a unique specialization and Shamans can obtain Blood Rage!


The First Aid specialization now scales better into late game:spec3

Elementals have been reworked to act as T1 and T2 creatures.

The Master of Elements now does not scale with hero level:


Arantir can now summon Avatar of Death (as he does in Missions):spec5

And finally, there is one new specialization that makes neutral creatures join your army:spec4

Finally, the 2.2 release also makes few balance improvements and fixes several critical bugs.

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