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Mission Maker v 1.4 - New Objectives. Information about new objectives added to the mod!

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This is a quick article, about some new Objective features that were added to Mission Maker - version 1.4

- Play any cutscene from the main GTA:SA story

Yes you heard that right, you can now play any cutscene GTA:SA cutscene in Mission Maker. In order to do that, you need to know the cutscene.img "name" - you can easily found it when editing in Sanny Builder (main.scm) by opcode: load_cutscene_data - in this case i used PROLOG1 - you can try the same, or try writing PROLOG2 to see what happens

Video presentation:

- Leave the area objective

This objective is similar to GTA V-type of objectives. This is very simple. There's a determinated radius already (show on thumbnail) thats ofc invisible that shows how far you need to leave the checkpoint in order to trigger the next objective. In order to succesfully make the mission with that objective, make sure the player is in the same area, where you want to put that objective - and literally just set it from "Add Objective" tab. So far i recall radius has a range of 1 000m (i might be wrong) and when you'll surpass that the mission will either end, or if you put something after that objective - the next task will begin.


- Spook O'meter

You can set well known Spook O'meter by setting an objective called "STAY ON MARKER". What Spook O'meter does? Very simple, in practice its attached to an actor (in this mod it might be attached to the checkpoint - but i didn't test that out yet) and you need to keep a safe range in order to not "spook" the actor. If you'll get too close to him - the bar start to fill in and if it will be full - you will fail the mission. There's no video from it yet, but i've bet you know how it works, if you played the full GTA:SA story

- And many more new things added. Try out the mod for yourself! Download the newer 1.42 version that adds languages!

Or download it from here from direct mirror (Mod DB) - the download is located in Files folder (Mission Maker v 1.4 file) (it has been updated)

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