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A short update where I give you the latest about this project, as well as a message about the prototype.

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Well, what can I say? As I mentioned in the previous news item, I still often have a bit of trouble talking about this project, and I figure that I owe you folks a little mini update as to what's been going on.

Rewrites, to start out with. Although you won't see it in the videos, I did a few big rewrites on some of the scripts in-game, especially focused on character and enemy control. They both had two entirely different methods on how they were moving around in the game world, and I figured that I'd best create a central script for that. The code is easier to maintain for me now.

Second, I did a few tests on expanding the gameplay a bit with mini-objectives and the AI, and even temporarily tried out what the game would feel like as a platformer/Super Mario Smash Brawl-type game. But to be fair, it didn't feel like fun, so I scrapped the idea.

Having done these rewrites, my focus on this project has increased quite a bit, and I'm now focused on getting a small live prototype done and getting it online. This one will only feature a very short 90-second song, but I think that it provides you with a good idea what the theme of the game is. It's not what I originally wanted, but I figure that I want to have this uploaded by the end of the year. No more delays from me, no more excuses. You will have access to that prototype within the week.

I'm not even scratching the surface on what needs to be done on this game, but I'm really enjoying the process. I'm hoping to receive some good feedback and see how I can improve the prototype.

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Can't wait for the prototype, going to be a good Holiday gift for myself, waiting for Christmas day XD.

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